Top 5 Things to Do Before Buying a Web Hosting

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Top 5 Things to Do Before Buying a Web Hosting

Today, finding decent hosting is easier than ten years ago. The level of services provided by large companies has leveled off. The quality has approached foreign providers. Moreover, finding bad hosting, where 500 errors will constantly appear, and everything will slow down, may not be so easy. Therefore, the recommendations that were relevant before have largely lost their sharpness.

In a sense, it has become easier: it is difficult to get low-quality service even with a random choice. On the other hand, you still have to choose, and it cannot be said that providers are no different from each other.

Let's go through the standard criteria: speed and reliability, quality of support, convenience, price.

Top 5 Things to Do Before Buying A Web Hosting 

Bonus Tip - Always make sure that the hosting has existed for more than a year, is mentioned on the Internet, is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

Now check the top 5 things you must do before buying a web hosting.

1. Check the Technical side-

It is a fact that some providers have rather old equipment. And it makes sense to try to find a variant with modern iron. 

For example , NVMe drives are a sign of fairly modern hardware. Sometimes the provider indicates other characteristics of the server, for example, the processor model, which can be used to understand the age of the equipment. Modern equipment is important for the fast and smooth operation of sites.

You can also find out in which data center the hoster is located. If this information is easily accessible, in plain sight, then most likely the data center is quite modern. 

It is worth paying attention to the degree of redundancy of power supply and cooling systems, to the number of connected telecom operators.

Find out what's up with DDoS protection . It is desirable that it be enabled by default, and the pricing should be transparent.

2. Check the Support-

Here it makes sense to find out the average or guaranteed response time to calls. This information may be specified in the regulations of the technical support service or in the offer. 

Most notable providers have 24/7 support with response times within an hour. With the quality of answers it is more difficult, it is better to read reviews , how much support really helps.

3. User Friendly Interface

The ease of use of hosting is primarily provided by the control panel. The most popular options are ISPmanager and cPanel.

4. Plan Sepcifications

When choosing a tariff, do not try to take the cheapest one with a large disk and an unlimited number of sites. Such tariffs often have additional strict limits: the maximum allowable load on the CPU, the number of files, PHP memory_limit. If possible, check if the software versions you need are available.

5. Check the Reviews

Google the name of the hosting with the word "reviews". There are quite a few non-standard situations that can affect your choice. Somewhere sites lay all week of the New Year holidays, someone had a serious fire, and somewhere there was almost a shootout in the data center. Decide what is acceptable for you and what is too much.

Conclusion -

I hope you like the Top 5 Things to do Before Buying a Web Hosting. If you choose a good hosting service then you do not have to worry about technical issues. And you can work on the content and make money from your site.  

Also note that the choice of the country where the server is located and the type of hosting (shared or VPS) remained outside the scope of the article, but perhaps that’s all from the main one.

Good luck.

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