20+ Sites that Provide Royalty Free Images for Any Use

If you are looking for copyright free images to download for use it in your blog, video , or in any other place then you must check out this list of sites that provide free images for any use . You do not even have to give any credit to them . No attribution required for using these images .

List of Sites that Provide Royalty Free images 
Stock UpFree Digital PhotosPexelsMorguefileAll The Free StockPublic Domain PicturesStockvaultImageFreeRgbstockDreamstime

Why SEO is important in blogging ?

Every blogger knows about the importance of SEO and SMO. You probably have been working on these methods to drive more traffic to your blog . Most of the new bloggers avoid doing this and that costs them a lot. At this time , if you miss any single step in blogging then that might decrease your traffic . So, bloggers should know about these methods . 

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
This is the process aimed at improving the position of the site in the search engine on the basis of internal and external links.

Internal Links are those links which are used to connect one article to another article within a site. 
 This is the example of internal link - Arthritis 

External Links are those links which are used to connect articles on the other site. 
This is the example of external link - We can read your mind 

That means the site which has more links is supposed to rank higher as compared to the site with less links. 

But this is not the only criteria for positioning the sites . The Search En…

What is Bitcoin and How You Can Earn Bitcoin Online ?

The bitcoin is a digital asset which can be used for buying stuff or trading . That means you can either buy stuff online or keep it with you like a stock unit. 
It is not a physical currency like Dollar , Pound or Rupees. But it is as useful as the money you are using to buy stuff. 

make money with bitcoin

What is Bitcoin ?
It is an online payment system which works on open source software which was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 .

It is software based currency that means its trading works with the software and all the payments in the system are recording in the public ledger . It uses its own unit of account which is called Bitcoin. 

Unlike other currencies where every country has it own currency , the bitcoin works in all countries with the same price globally.
You can buy or sell bitcoin anywhere .

There are lot of companies which provide service in bitcoin trading. You can create an account and start bitcoin trading instantly. 

How We Can Earn through Bitcoin ?

If you want to make m…

The importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as antirachitic vitamin, has the fundamental function of regulating the passage of calcium to the bones , so that if, due to deficiency of this nutrient, the process is not carried out in an optimal way, we can finish in a weakening and curving the bony system that will lead to malformations such as rickets .
In addition to regulating calcium levels, vitamin D controls phosphorus levels and plays a key role in multiple functions such as intestinal absorption from food, renal calcium reabsorption, bone mineralization (essential for proper development bone) or the inhibition of secretions of parathyroid hormone (PTH). Even studies have shown the direct relationship between sunlight and vitamin D consumption for the prevention of autoimmune diseases ( study ), cancers ( study) and cardiovascular diseases. Optimal levels of Vitamin DVitamin D is a provitamin soluble in fats that we can obtain it from the feeding, ingesting foods rich in this nutrient, or by means of the…

Top Fat Rich Foods That Comes From Plants

The fats , demonized and presented as long ago primarily responsible for obesity for years , are hollow slowly in our diet. As one of the essential macronutrients (together with proteins and carbohydrates) we know today that we need to consume them for the correct functioning of our organism: we just have to know how to choose which are the healthiest sources . For this, we bring you this compilation in which you can find sources of healthy fats of different origin , both animal and vegetable, and a few recipes for you to include in your diet. Healthy fats of plant originIn the case of fats of vegetable origin , which should be avoided are the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, which are those that are often used in industrial bakery recursively, such as for example palm oil. Instead, we have a wide variety of foods that provide good quality fats:
Avocado:   It isvery fashionable lately and one of the most consumed fruits (it is interesting to look for avocados that are grown as clos…

Remedies for Depression

Depression is one of the most painful conditions for any person. An important condition for getting out of it is a personal desire to be cured and live a happy life.
Many people, constantly experiencing depression and anxiety, find solace in the uncontrolled intake of antidepressants. 

However, practice shows that this is not the best way out of the situation. Doctors have long come to the conclusion that depression is perfectly treated with herbs. And this is a well-founded opinion, because medicinal plants have long been considered an effective method of healing from various diseases. It was from nature that all the medicinal components came to pharmacology. Diagnostic measures to determine the type of developing depression should be carried out by an experienced specialist. Professional consultation is necessary for selection of qualitative treatment of a depressive condition. Using the collected information, the doctor will thoroughly analyze the patient's condition and recommend…

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I was born as no. 1 but will die as perfect 1 for everyone - Veronika Singh

Veronika Singh is an aspiring model who has struggled a lot to achieve her goals . She has done numerous projects in modelling career and now eyeing on the silver screen . She has won the title of Miss Haryana in 2008 and that was the kickstart to her dream . GAGMAG talked with veronika and asked about her life .

# Tell the viewers who are you and where you came from ?
I am veronika singh , aspiring model and actress . I belongs to a middle class family. I have spent my childhood in Kurukshetra . I am a girl with huge dreams. I have just one thought on my mind from the very beginning of my life that  I was born as no. 1 but will die as perfect 1 for everyone.
My  family includes maa , paa , sis and  daadi . Love them all .

# Who is your inspiration and how you came into modeling and acting ?
As I was born in kurukshetra and bought up half of my life there . Kurukshetra is a city/town with old mentality but new traits. Peoples are not that clever as in mumbai and delhi . Here, Peoples are w…