Keywords plays vital role in increasing blog traffic. It gives you free organic traffic from google if you implement it correctly . But it will affect your blog if you use it wrong . By using the right keywords , you can increase your blog traffic in no time . Use keyword research tools to get top ranking keywords for your blog.

What is Keyword Ranking ?

Search engines like google have arranged keywords in such a way that highest search keyword gets on the top of ranking and least searched keywords got low ranking. 

So, if you use good ranking keyword in your blog then it will increase blog traffic and page rank . Keep in mind that top keywords always have highest competition and it is very difficult for new bloggers to rank for those keywords. 

Free Keyword Researching Tools -

I am telling about free keyword searching tools which are very beneficial for bloggers in terms of checking keywords . 

10 Sites ( + Bonus Sites )

By using these free keyword researching tools , you can get good keywords for your blogs. But you must learn how to place keywords in a blog post. Do not spam your blog with useless keywords that will not help you in any way. 

If you know more keywords suggestion tools then please comment. I will add them in the list. Have a nice time