Many webmasters, when choosing a hosting, are guided, first of all, by the price. That is why I have compiled a rating of the TOP 8 most inexpensive hosting for 2022. 

It included hosting with the cost of the cheapest plan from $1 to $5. I also took into account the functionality, the work of technical support, the advantages and disadvantages, site loading speed, the length of the test period, user reviews, and personal experience with some of the providers from the list.

Top 10 Cheapest Web Hosting Service Providers 


Fozzy has been part of the XBT holding, which occupies a leading position in the world. Hosting clients include global payment systems, Forex exchanges, large websites and online stores.

When registering, the user is prompted to select the server location: USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, India. Thus, you can choose the server that will be closest to your target audience.

In addition, there are four control panels to choose from: DirectAdmin, cPanel, ISPManager, and Plesk.

🚀Fozzy is one of the fastest web hosts out there. Their servers are powered by Open LiteSpeed ​​which is faster than nginx or apache. At the same time, the LiteSpeed ​​server comes with a free plugin for WordPress - LiteSpeed ​​Cache, which allows you to connect caching, image optimization, creating critical styles, asynchronous loading of styles, scripts, fonts, and much more. 

If everything is set up correctly, the site will fly 🔥.

I talked more about setting up LiteSpeed ​​Cache in the article: how to speed up WordPress loading .

Fozzy offers all of this at a regular virtual rate. Previously, for this it was necessary to take a VPS and install server software on your own.

To protect shared hosting, the company offers the CXS application, which includes an antivirus.

Sites are backed up daily and kept for exactly 7 days. You can set up backup storage for a longer period of time, but this option is paid.

For any plan and for any control panel, you can install a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.

They offer a free trial to check their service. But the trial time for Fozzy is very short - only 7 days. After the trial, you will need to choose one of the paid plans.

The cheapest plan "Static site" does not support PHP and databases. It is suitable if you need to make a simple static landing page without using a CMS.

You can buy additional resources without changing the plans.

Hostinger -

Hostinger, a popular web hosting service, is a subsidiary of a Lithuanian company. Today it has over 20 million subscribers. 

The hostinger's data centers are located in Russia, the USA, Brazil, Singapore, and Europe.

Hostinger also offers servers powered by LiteSpeed. Therefore, in terms of site loading speed, the hosting is all right 👌.

In addition, the hosting has integration with the website builder. This is very convenient if you need a simple business card website or landing page.

Hostinger does not offer any trial on their service.  But they give 30 days money back guarantee if you do not like their service. 



A2 Hosting





Inmotion Hosting


I hope you like the list of Top 10 Cheapest Web Hosting Service Providers. If you have any query then comment.