Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Top Sites to Ping Your Site for Backlinks and Traffic

If you are a new blogger and looking to increase your pageviews and traffic then you can use the pinging technique . The blog is just like a human body which is dependent on many resources. Body needs food , air , water and other things and without them body cannot survive. Likewise , Blog depends on Content, Traffic , Backlinks and other stuffs . Without them a blog is dead . So, it is very much necessary to optimize your blog. 

Once you are done with the content part , you should focus on pinging your blog to search engines and directories. Also share your post on social networks which drives lot of traffic .

What is Pinging Your Blog ?

In simple terms Pinging is a service which tells the search engine that your blog exists.
When you submit your site to search engine through pinging site ( see below list for sites ) , these sites send their spiders/bots to crawl your site and index the contents quickly . And this helps your site to rank well in search engine which in turn brings traffic to your blog .

When Should I Ping my Site ?

You can submit your site whenever you post new content or updates. I suggest to submit your site once a week or month . Do not spam them by pinging daily or several times daily. If you do then you will end up get banned.

Sites to Ping Your Blog Free -

Feed Shark
Blog Ping Tool
Google Blog Search
Submit Pro
Use Me
Ping My Url
Ping Farm

These are good sites to get free traffic to your blog. They also provide backlink but that would be nofollow link. Google consider links from these sites as no follow because these are not quality websites. These sites do not provide value to the visitors in terms of information . Are you using ping sites ? Comment  

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