Every blogger should check their SEO Ranking . New bloggers do not pay much attention on page rank . They focus on getting pageviews to their blog . So, they spend most of the time sharing their posts and checking blog views .

Lot of peoples do not know how to check seo ranking of the website. 

Our blog will rank in google search engine provided if we follow their terms which are known as Search Engine Optimization Terms . When we write SEO friendly post in our blog followed by SEO terms then there will be a chance for our blog to rank as top position in google. 

We all know that millions of peoples create blogs daily and most of them follow SEO  in order to get top rank. But Google cannot rank every blog in the first page . So, Google checks number of factors of the website and position them according to that factors. 

In this post, I will tell you how to check SEO ranking of the blog with the help of Google Webmasters tool. This tool will also tell about the traffic report of your blog. So, you can get information about organic traffic that you receive from google .

You can check SEO report of your blog only if you have submitted your blog to Google Console. 
If you have not yet submitted your blog , then first submit your blog and then verify it. 

How to Check SEO Ranking of Your Blog 

You need to follow few steps in order to check your blog's SEO Ranking .

Go to Google Console and Sign in to it. 
Click on Add Property ( on the top right )
Add your site and click Add
You will see your site in the dashboard .
Click on verify site
A new page will open