Google has lot of tools for bloggers from blogging service to Google console. Google has made blogging very easy for newbies . And they can track their blog reports with the help of google console . 

Why Google Webmasters Tool ?

It has numerous features including -
  • Search traffic tracking
  • Links to your site
  • Internal links
  • Google indexing
  • Crawling
  • Analytics
  • Keywords

Steps to Add Your Site to Google Webmaster Tool -

I am telling you about the steps by which you can add your site to the tool. 

  • Go to Google Console and Click sign in ( right top ) 

You will see google console dashboard . If you have signed in for the first time then you will see empty dashboard. Here you can add your sites . 

  • Click on Add  A Property ( on the top right next to Create a set button )

In the image, you can see orange colored button ADD A PROPERTY. Click on the button.

  • Add a Property
On clicking Add a property , a pop up will come up.  Enter your site url and click Add button. 

  • Now, You can see your site in the dashboard . 

  • Verify this Property

You have added your site to google webmasters tool but it is not verified. 
You can see a message under your site name. Click on verify the property . ( My site has been verified , so here is another site which is not verified. )

  • Methods to Verify Your Site -

When you click on verify the property , a new page will open. Here you will see two methods for verifying your site. You can choose any of the methods- 

 1. Recommended Method 

 2. Alternate Methods

Recommended method - 

This works in self hosted sited where you have the priviledge toof uploading files to your site. ( wordpress etc )

1. Download this HTML Verification file - You need to download html file .

2. Upload the file to ........ . - You need to upload html file to your site. You can do it by ftp or cpanel.

3.Confirm Successful upload by visiting ...... in your browser - You can click on the link directly or copy link and paste it in your browser. If the file is implemented correctly in the site then it will show Successfully verified message . 

4. Click Verify below- Now you need to click verify button after captcha confirmation. 

By this way you can verify your site. In case, you were not able to verify your site by above method then you can use alternate method . 

Alternate Method 

If you are using blogspot blog then you cannot upload any file to it. So, this method is made for you.   

  1. HTML Tag - Add meta tag to your site's homepage 
When you clik on HTML tag , it will provide you a code that you need to add into your site. Make sure that you add the code between <head> and </head>  section. 

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="AbmnklmW1UImSzBzSC84uI2Yh3gXNHV44GPsMWi548y0w" />
<title> My title </title>


page contents


2. Domain name provider -
Here you can choose your domain provider and add TXT file to it. After adding TXT file , you have to confirm captcha and click verify button. This is verify your site. 

3. Google Analytics
You need to click on asynchronous tracking code and add that code in <head> section of the page.  
Then you need to click verify after confirming the captcha. You site will be verified .

4. Google Tag Manager 
You need container snippet in order to verify by this method. 

So, these were steps to add your site in google webmasters tool ( google console ) . This tool has lot of features that will help you in blogging . 

If you have any question then you can comment . Have a nice time .