Going back to work or studying after a few days off is something that is very hard for many people. In addition to the famous post-holiday depression, the return to routine can generate stress and even anxiety . 

To try to combat it, there are several applications designed to alleviate or prevent these symptoms.
All of them offer tips and exercises that can help you relax at any time and that, not only are they useful for this time of the year, but they also come in handy in seasons of exams and peak work. But be careful, we must not forget that we are talking about mobile apps that can help, but in no case they substitute the help of a professional .

SAM (Self-help Anxiety Management)

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This solution, available only in English, has been developed by a team of psychologists, computer scientists and students of the University of the West of England, in a way that combines established methods of self-help with a high level of usability to provide an attractive resource, flexible and practical
The content of SAM is presented in various formats in order to support you in learning about anxiety and help you in the implementation of self-help by encouraging you to create your own toolkit for difficult situations. It can be used with or without the support of a health professional.
Download SAM for android 

Pacifica - Stress and Anxiety

According to experts, stress, anxiety and depression are produced by a continuous cycle of negative thoughts. Pacifica application offers tools designed by psychologists to treat them based on cognitive behavioral therapy, conscious meditation, relaxation and monitoring of mood and health.
Among other functions, it proposes thirty audio exercises for moments of stress or anxiety, monitoring of the state of mind, guided self-help methods, daily challenges, the possibility of recording your negative thoughts and a broad community of users to share stories and advice .
There is a free version and a Premium version that allows the unlimited use of all tools through a self-renewing subscription.

Stop, Breathe & Think

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Awarded with a Webby People's Voice award in 2017, this application has several functions that allow us not only to initiate and train ourselves in Mindfulness , but also to carry out other relaxation techniques and to monitor our emotions.
To relieve stress anytime and anywhere, it offers short guided meditations, tips and breathing and acupressure exercises , as well as several yoga videos. The free version includes more than 30 free activities, but there is a premium version by subscription with more than 80 activities.

Simple Habit

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As it is designed for busy people, the Simple Habit application proposes meditation exercises to practice only 5 minutes a day .
With this, they ensure that you can relax, reduce stress, increase your concentration, sleep better, breathe properly and be happier. Therefore, it is especially indicated for situations such as insomnia, anxiety before a meeting or even nerves before a special date.
Simple Habit has a free trial period of one month , but once it is over, if you want to continue with the application, you have to pay a monthly or annual renewal.


Calm is a perfect mindfulness app for beginners, but it also includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. It offers guided meditation sessions of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes so you can choose the duration that best fits your schedule.
It also includes breathing programs, master classes with experts from around the world , more than thirty relaxing sounds, bedtime stories, a daily meditation program and music designed exclusively to help you concentrate, relax or sleep.
Some of those contents, however, are only available through an optional subscription .


This application offers a large number of relaxing sounds and guided meditations separated by specific themes so that you choose what you need at each moment: relaxation, deep sleep, improvement of mood, relief of anxiety, reduction of stress, concentration ...
It also includes reflections, inspirational quotes, proverbs and motivational messages , as well as a handy mood monitoring function so you can follow up. It is available in more than 130 countries and was included by Apple in its official list of 'The 10 best applications of 2016'.
The Zen application is free to download, but offers three subscription options with automatic renewal : weekly, monthly and yearly.
Download Zen for Android

There are lot more other apps that you can install on your mobile and reduce Stress and Anxiety . These are very beneficial apps that can help us cop stress and other mental conditions .