Every blogger knows about the importance of SEO and SMO. You probably have been working on these methods to drive more traffic to your blog . Most of the new bloggers avoid doing this and that costs them a lot. At this time , if you miss any single step in blogging then that might decrease your traffic . So, bloggers should know about these methods . 

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
This is the process aimed at improving the position of the site in the search engine on the basis of internal and external links.

Internal Links are those links which are used to connect one article to another article within a site. 
 This is the example of internal link - Arthritis 

External Links are those links which are used to connect articles on the other site. 
This is the example of external link - We can read your mind 

That means the site which has more links is supposed to rank higher as compared to the site with less links. 

But this is not the only criteria for positioning the sites . The Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. also consider  many other factors. Some of them are -

Domain Age - The older sites are more often ranked higher than the newer sites. Search engines has their own list of authority sites and those sites always gets benefits over new sites.

Content Length - The longer articles are ranked higher as compared to shorter articles. Search engines loves long content ( 1000+ words ) and it looks them as valued content where as short articles of 200-300 words does not gets much weight in the search engines.

Nature of the links - As I told you about int. and ext. links , both are necessary and plays their role in SEO. Do not place links more frequently. Whether its int. or ext. link, make sure , it is relevant to the post. 

Keywords - The most important part in the SEO is keyword placement. If you place the right keywords at right place then there are more chances of getting in page 1 in the search engines.

If your site fulfill all the requirements of search engine then it will rank higher . 
Peoples are more likely to click on the top links in the search engine.  That means your site can get thousands of viewers without doing more work.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SMO - Social Media Optimization