How to Remove Footer Credits on Themes and Templates ? Know if you are allowed to do so or not

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How to Remove Footer Credits on Themes and Templates ? Know if you are allowed to do so or not

Is it ok to Remove Footer Credits on Wordpress Themes or Blogger Templates - Everyone wants their blog to look professional and I agree with them. It's a great thing. What's wrong with it. To look a blog professional you need a theme or template that not only looks attractive but also has a lot of features and you can customize it as per your needs. But it is not possible for everyone to afford a premium theme or templates because of its price.

So, most of the bloggers prefer free themes and templates because those are free and it looks like premium themes and templates. Using those themes and templates, a blog looks like a premium blog until you scroll down to the footer where the credits to the theme developer are placed. That ruins everything. 

No matter how good you write or how much effort you put into your blog posts. There is something that bothers and that is theme footer credits. That makes a blog unprofessional. Not really but it makes a bad impression to some extent.

Well, you can remove the footer credits just by editing some code. And that makes your blog look professional. But is it fair to remove credits?

The theme developer has worked hard for the theme or template and you cannot just take away all the credits.

Why the Theme or Template Developer Adds the Footer Credits?

There are several reasons to do so. 

  • For Recognition - The theme developer adds a link in the footer of the theme for recognition. This way more peoples will know about the developer. 

  • They want to sell their other products and services - Theme developers provides free themes just for the promotion of their other products. There are chances that people will click the footer link and lands to the developers site and buys some products.

  • Backlinks - When someone creates a blog with the theme with footer credits, those links increase the backlink portfolio of theme developers. Hence it gives them a backlink. More people using a theme with footer credits, more backlinks to the developer site.

Whether you are a WordPress user or blogger user, this applies to both the platforms. I will tell you about both. Let's start with WordPress.

Can we remove footer credits from WordPress themes?

It depends on the theme that you are using. Some theme developer asks not to remove footer credits. There you should not remove the credits.

There are five conditions -

  • If the theme is publicly available ( WordPress repository ,free themes.) then you can remove the footer credits. 

  • If the theme is under GPL license , then you can remove the footer credits. 

  • If you developed the theme then, of course, you can remove the footer credits.

  • If some developer specially developed a theme for you then if you have copyrights of the theme then you can remove the credits otherwise asks the developer to allow you to remove the credits. 

  • If a theme has free lite version of the theme , then its not supposed to remove footer credits. ( Why ? Because theme developer usually give away free themes for promotion of premium themes )

Can we remove footer credits from blogger templates?

Again, it depends on the template. If the developer mentioned not to remove footer credits then you should not remove the credits. But you can make a slight edit without violating the rule. That way you can use the template without showing the footer credits.

Here are the five conditions -

  • If the template is publicly available ( free versions ) then you can remove footer credits.

  •  If the template is under GPL license then you can remove the footer credits.

  • If you developed the template, then you can remove the credits.

  • If the template is specially built for you by any developer then you should ask them before deleting the footer credits.

  • If it is a free version of the premium template then you are not supposed to remove the credits.

So what to do  ??

You can ask the developer if they give you permission to remove credits. Or you can specially create a post or page where you mention them and their work. 

That is it about Removing the footer Credits on WordPress Themes or Blogger Templates.

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