If you are new blogger then you must know about Backlinks . Every successful blogger pays attention on building quality backlinks that helps in getting their site ranked in the google.

Most of the new bloggers ignores the factors that helps in attracting visitors without doing extra work. Infact, they tend to share their posts on social networking sites expecting few views. Eventually , They do not get views and quit blogging.

 I would suggest them to pay attention on building quality backlinks and use their time doing the work that helps the blog. First of all , know about backlinks and SEO and then start a blog .

What is Backlink ?

In simple words , when one site is connect with other site by means of links , those links are called as backlinks. Backlinks provides traffic to a blog and in the same time increases the position of the site in the search engine.

 More backlinks means More traffic and good position in search engines.  But remember you must build quality backlinks.

What is Quality Backlinks ?

Quality backlinks means When we link to another site that site must has more dofollow links and good ranking  in google search engine . So, always check a site whenever you build backlink with that site.
If we get backlinks from low quality sites then it will decrease our site ranking. We must check site rank before building a backlink . 

Do You Know - There are two types of Backlinks

1. Do follow
2. No follow

Do follow links flows the link juice and ranks a blog in the search engine. If you have 100 do follow links then there are chances that you get better position in the search engine. You can make dofollow links even by commenting but mostly comments gives no follow links.

No follow links do not flow link juice and hence do not helps in ranking a blog. But they are as important as do follow links. 

How to Create Backlinks ?

You can create backlinks in several ways. I am telling you the ways for making backlinks easily.

Blog Commenting - 

You can create backlink by commenting on others blog. Whenever you want to comment on some blog , firstly check their site rank and traffic . If you find it good then comment on that blog. But make sure you do not post spam comment like Nice post . Useful post etc. 
You should post good comment otherwise your comment is most likely removed by the blog owner. 

 Article Submission - 

Article submission Sites are the great platform where we can submit articles and gets a backlink in return . You can find several article submission sites on the internet . Always pick only good sites. You have to write an article and submit to the site with url of your blog. It will be published and you will get dofollow link from that site. 

Web Directories -

 You can get backlink and increase your blog traffic by submitting your blog to web directories. You do not need to write any article like in article submission sites. Just post your blog url and that is it. 
From the good web directories you can get lot of free traffic and do follow link as well.

Guest posting - 

Another great way to get a backlink is posting an article on others blog. It is called Guest Posting. Search for a Blog where you want to write article then write an article related to the content of that blog . After that approach the admin of the blog and tell them that you want to post an article on their blog. If they agree then you should send an article with your blog link included into it. You can write as many guest posts as you want. That will give you free backlinks .

Social Bookmarking -

You can also create a backlink by bookmarking your site on the social networking site. Add your site to the top social Sites and get Do follow Backlinks.

I have given a list of few social sites where you can get dofollow link easily. 
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Blogger
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Amazon
  • Mozilla

These are the few ways by which you can create backlinks to your site . If you have around 100 good backlinks then you can get better position of your site in the search engine. That will provide you free organic traffic . 

I hope you have liked the information that I have provided you . There are lot of other things that we have to learn and Building Backlinks is one of them . If you know more sites from where we can get a free quality backlink then comment and tell .