Udemy is the learning platform where we can learn about almost everything. There are many other learning platforms like coursera , treehouse , codeacademy and many more. But udemy has wide range of courses . 

There are almost 65000 + courses with 20 million peoples who joined these courses, at the udemy marketplace , which includes free and paid courses.

 You can join any type pf course in udemy - Graphic designing , SEO , blogging , content marketing , web designing , app development etc. The price varies from free to $5000 depending upon the course .

There are lot of instructors who are earning thousands of dollars by selling courses at udemy. Check out the features of courses at udemy marketplace. 

Features :

  • Free and Affordable Courses : Almost 10 % of the courses on udemy are free . You can do any free course .
  • Wide range of Courses : Udemy consists of 65000+ course covering 15+ categories. You can join any course according to the need.
  • Immediate access : You can start learning right after the buying the course. 
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee : If you do not like the course then you can get refund within 30 days of buying the course. 
  • Certificate : Udemy will  award you with certificate after the course completion .

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Udemy ?
  • Can I create Course in udemy - Yes , you can create course in udemy and earn money with it.
  •  Is there any charges for creating Course in udemy - Udemy cuts some proportion of the course fee .
  • Are they offer discounts - Udemy offers discounts on time ( check udemy site ) but you can always search google for discount coupons. 
  • Is there any affiliate Program - Yes, You can join udemy affiliate program .  Like other affiliate programs you need to sell udemy courses in order to receive commissions.

I hope you have learned useful stuff about udemy marketplace. If you have any question or suggestion then comment . Have a nice time