We all knows about Youtube . It is the most popular video sharing platform where thousands of videos are being uploaded daily. The videos are uploaded by the users who make money by uploading the videos. Some peoples make technology videos, some entertainment , cookery , beauty , videos etc . 
The most popular youtubers are making thousands of dollars every month. You can make money by uploading videos on youtube.

Youtube is somewhat simliar to blog . In blog, you need to write article where as in youtube you need to create video. Whenever your videos start getting views , it will start making money for you. You need to monetize your video in order to reach payment threshold. 

Here are the steps for creating youtube channel and uploading videos -

1. Create Youtube Channel 

You need to create youtube account in order to upload videos. 

  • First of all, sign in to youtube with your google account 
  • Click on this link to create new youtube channel  .
  • After clicking on the link, you will see the option - Create New Channel . Just click on it. 
  • Type Name of the Channel and Select Category for your channel. 
  • Click on the Finish Button and Done .

Now your Channel has been created . You can start uploading videos on your channel.

2. Upload Videos to Youtube Channel

  • You need to log in to your youtube account in order to upload videos . make sure , you are logged in to your channel. 
  • You can upload video by clicking the Upload button ( right top side )
  • Upload the video from your computer or mobile .
  • Wait for few minutes . Meawhile add title , description etc. to your videos.
  • Done 
You can upload as much videos as you like. But be sure , you upload original videos without copyrighted materials. that means the video/audio should not be taken from elsewhere. Otherwise you will get a copyright notice and the video will be removed from the youtube . You may loose your account by doing this. 

3. Monetize Your Videos 

You videos should reach the certain milestones in order to monetize your videos . Your videos must has 4000 hours watch time or your channel must has 1000 subscribers . 
Once you got the monetization feature activated then you can earn money from your videos. 

What type of Videos we can Upload on Youtube ?

Funny Videos
Technology Videos
Entertainment Videos
Songs Videos
Tutorials Videos
Jokes Videos
News Videos

There are many other types of videos that you can make for youtube. 

This is very good option for those who wants to make money without investing any money.