Which blogging platform is better ? This question is asked by almost every newbie who wants to create blog.  Most of the peoples choose wordpress over blogger because wordpress has lot of features but you need to invest some money in it Where as Blogger is free and does good work for many bloggers.

 I will tell you the features of Blogger and Wordpress , then you decide on your own which will be suitable for you . 

Blogger -
As we all know that blogger is a free blogging service provided by google , with the help of which you can create blog. Blogger is great service for those who wants to start blog without any investment.

Features : 
  • Blogger is easy to use . Use friendly Interface.
  • one click sign up with gmail. 
  • No coding required.
  • Blog setup in few easy steps
  • Always free hosting and subdomain 
  • Free templates are available
  • You can integrate all google services like webmaster tools , analytics , google drive etc. 
  • Google provides security to your blog. So no worries about it.
  • Automatic Website Indexing in search engine.
  • All database is managed by google . 
  • No Backup facility. 
  • Perfect for new bloggers .
  • Support forum is available .

Wordpress ( Self Hosted )
Wordpress site is installed on the self hosted server which costs you money depending on the hosting plan you choose .

Features :
  • Wordpress requires dome technical knowledge.
  • You need to sign up separately for your blog. 
  • Some coding knowledge may be needed
  • Blog set up in few steps with wp installer .
  • You need to buy hosting and domain
  • Free themes are available .
  • You can integrate google services with the help of plugins or codes.
  • You need to install security plugins . ( free or paid )
  • You need to submit your website in various search engines.
  • You have to manage all the database files. 
  • Backup facility is available .
  • Recommended for pro bloggers.
  • Support forum is available
After reading these features of both blogging platforms , it seems clear for you which platform you should go for. Both platforms are really good .You can use any according to your need. Have a nice time