Youtube is the video sharing platform where we can upload videos and make money from those videos. 

Some youtubers make thousands of dollars and at the same time there are some who do not even make a penny. Do you know why people make more money than others because they are having good videos , bigger subscription base and better strategy to promote their videos . Lets learn some strategies to make our youtube channel popular. 

If you want to make money from youtube then you need to learn lot of things. You must have technical knowledge to edit videos , you must have good speaking skills and you need to be creative.

Well, In this post I am telling about ways by which you can promote your youtube channel. 

There are lot of great ways to promote youtube channel. If you work on it patiently then you can make your channel more popular.

Ways to Promote Your Youtube Channel 

1. Optimize Your Youtube Channel 

You need to create a brand channel. Nowadays people only get attracted by brand channels. if you have a good looking channel with good videos then probability is higher that they will subscribe you and you will grow. Thatswhy, it is important that you should optimize your channel. 

How to Optimize ? Well, write good description , add custom logo and cover to your youtube channel. This will make your channel look better. 

2.  Optimize your Videos

You should optimize every single video because you need views in order to become a popular youtuber. 

You should add custom thumbnail to your videos because thumbnails are the first thing most of the peoples see when they get your videos in suggested list or in the search list .

 Just after looking at the thumbnails, peoples decide whether to watch the video or not . Create attractive and catchy thumbnail for your videos but do not post misleading thumbnails otherwise you may loose your youtube account. 

Make a good seo friendly  title for your video because it will help your video to come first in the search . Use keyword in your video titles.

Make a good description for your videos . It should not look like spam video with no description. That will affect your videos badly. So, optimize your videos before publishing it.

3. Use Social Media -

As you already know that millions of peoples are active on social media and lot of peoples are promoting their business. So its great to join them and promote your business too. 

You can promote your youtube channel on social networks . It is very easy , just post your channel link and ask peoples to subscribe to your channel.

4. Make a Blog for Your Youtube Channel 

You can make a blog for your channel and post your videos on it. You can link your youtube channel on your blog so that visitor can easily view your channel and subscribe it.

You can make free blogs with services like blogger , wordpress, tumblr and web 2.0 sites. This way you can create more traffic to your videos and gain subscibers.

5. Genuine Subscribers

Most of the people do it in wrong way. They keep asking other peoples to subscribe their channels. You cannot get much subscribers by doing this. 

And do not use any like and subscribe type of service. Those likes and subscribers are not genuine. They may wash away anytime . So build genuine subscribers by posting good videos .

6. Post regularly

When you do not get much views or subscribers , what should you do ? Most of the peoples start worrying about views and subscribers. They stop posting videos and spend most of the time promoting their channel on social media. That is wrong .

You should not stop posting videos , no matter how much views you are getting. You just need a video that tops on the youtube . Do some research and choose some topics which are more popular in your category. The only way to success is keep moving. 

7.  Email marketing

Email marketing is great if you want to promote your business. It works for youtube videos too. Build some email base and send them email everytime you upload a new video on your youtube channel. 

You can get email subscribers with the help of blog or get it from some company. There are lot of companies that provide email database . I would suggest you should build emails database yourself . 

8. Advertising 

You can advertise your videos with the help of Google adwords . This is good way to promote your videos in the budget. 

If you are having large budget then you can do it on tv. You can advertise on websites , forums or on social networking sites. There are lot of ways to advertise a youtube channel.

9. Organize Quizzes and Contests- 

You can organize a contest and send some gifts to the viewers. You can post on social media that you are organizing contest and quizzes on youtube channel. 

When lots of subscribers join your channel then you can choose a lucky winners and send them gifts. By this way you can gain lot of subscribers.

When you post new video then all the subscribers will automatically get notified about it. 

These were the few ways by which you can make your channel popular. If you have a question then you can comment.