The internet has already provided lot of platforms where you can promote your music or song. There are social networks , video sites , music sharing platforms and artists websites.

You can do promotion in numerous ways and gather audiences for your songs. Despite of all the online music promotion strategies , the traditional ways are still useful to promote a song. Lets know about all the ways to promote your song .

1. Live Music - 

Today is the Internet life where an artist create, release , distribute , promote a song without leaving a room . There is no need to interact any people because all the work can be done online. Just create fb page to interact with fans and go live on it. You see , everything is done on internet.

The live music concerts are great way to interact with the audiences . You met new artists that build new contacts . The personal interactions are very important in the music industry. This also provides marketing opportunities. You get name , fame , money and fans when you perform your music in front of audiences .

The plus point of music concerts are that you visit different cities and countries . That gives you the opportunity to build fanbase in different cities and countries. So , in the whole live music events are still great for promoting your music.

2. Social Media - 

People spend most of their online time on social media like facebook, twitter , instagram etc. The artists use these social sites for gaining fans . They do not use the straight marketing on the social media . That means they post about their lifestyle , funny images etc.

Around 80 % of the posts are non-promotional posts where they posts about everything and 20 % of the posts includes promotional stuff. 

This tactics are used to engage their audiences so that they do not get annoyed by continuous advertisement.

If you on tour then you can post some images at the venues . These posts still works to build audiences .

3. Music Platforms ( Online Sites ) -

You can promote and sell your songs on online music stores. 
Reverbnation , Soundcloud are the sites where you can upload songs for free and get listeners for free. These are also good way to promote your songs. 

Imagine , your song has been downloaded thousands of time and it is top selling on the store. The music store will list it according to the downloaded numbers that means most downloaded song will get at #1 . That will provide you free promotion . You can make money by selling on the music store with less investment. 

4. Artist Websites -

You can create your website and advertise your music online. Most of the artists have their websites and they update it frequently. They sell their songs right from their site avoiding the fee that music stores charge. So , creating your own website is a great move.

5. Approach Music Blogs -

If you are promoting your music on social media or website then this is not enough . You should reach out new audience and convert them as your fan. How can you do this - Music Blogs is the answer to it. Bloggers are always looking for new and fresh content. 

There are thousands of blogs where you can post your music . Just approach the blogger and ask if they could post your song. 
You can also ask for interviews ( I publish interviews of artists on this site ) . You may get featured too.

6. Music Forums - 

Music Forums are used to share and discuss about music .You can make account and post your songs there. Always post on active forums as I found that most of the forums are non- active . 

7. Collaboration With Other Musicians -

Collaboration with other artists gives you the opportunity to get your music in front of new group of peoples.You can collaborate on anything. It may be with music producer , singer or rapper. Make sure the artists must have good fanbase so that they would appreciate your music.

You can make a cover song collaborating with other artists and upload on the social media etc . This will help both artists to drive their fans to each other. On the social media , you should link to each other so that peoples can easily find their profiles.

8. Email Marketing - 

Email subscription is extremely useful way to promote your music . You can get subscribers from your website ( use subscription form ) . Send occassional mails whenever you have some updates. Do not spam with daily mails or frequent mails. They may get irritated and unsubscribe you. 

You can use email to send about your new release or upcoming tour . 
You need to get fans signed up for email before you can send them mails. Use email subscription box in your website . 

Music Promotion may take time and proper planning is required in order to promote it. You should use all the possible ways to advertise your song. Its better to use all ways instead of relying on one. 
You can always hire promo companies and distributors for your music.