Everyone is Making Money with  Affiliate Marketing . This is the easiest way to make money without any investment . I will tell you how you can make a website and earn with amazon affiliate program .

What is Amazon Affiliate Website ? 
It is a website where you post reviews about amazon products . You also place your affiliate link within the post .Whenever any one clicks on your affiliate link and buy the product then you gets some money as a commission .

Not only amazon, there are lot of other websites and affiliate programs where you can make more money. 

How to Create Free Amazon Affiliate Website ?

You can create a website with wordpress platform but it will costs you some money. If you want to create free website then go to blogger.com It is a google service so you do not need to sign up. 

  • Log in to the blogger
  • Create a new blog
  • Name the title of the blog 
  • Choose the address for your blog
  • Choose template for your blog
  • Click on Create a blog 

Sign up For Amazon Affiliate Account 

How to write a post about Product ?

Now, you need to make list of products that you want to sell. Check amazon.in site and make a list of products. 

For example , Lets take any health product . 

  • First of all , write about the disease in your post. Then mention the problems caused by that disease. 
  • In the second step , explain and tell why these problems were caused . What are the symptoms and treatment .
  • Now, tell about the products that can be helpful in this disease .
  • Add products with your affiliate links.
How to Add Products With Affiliate Links ?
  • Log in to amazon associate 
  • Log in to amazon.in ( Note : Do not log out from amazon associate )
  • At amazon.in site , got to the product page 
  • At product page , you will see Site Stripe at the top of the site .
  • At the right side there is Text , Image , Text+Image 
  • Choose any of the option
  • When you click it, you will see a pop up window with link . That is your affiliate link for that product.
  • Copy that link and add to  your post .

How to add affiliate link in post ?
  • Open the post where you want to add the link
  • Decide the place in the post 
  • Click on the link in the post builder .
  • After clicking on link , a popup will open
  • Enter the Text to Display and add your affiliate link below the text. 
  • Click ok . Your link is posted 

Always check the title and review content before publishing it. 

After publishing your post, you can share it on social networks and with your friends. The more you get the readers, the more are the chances that you can sell products on your site.
So, Increase your site traffic if you want to earn more money by amazon affiliate marketing.