The bitcoin is a digital asset which can be used for buying stuff or trading . That means you can either buy stuff online or keep it with you like a stock unit. 
It is not a physical currency like Dollar , Pound or Rupees. But it is as useful as the money you are using to buy stuff. 

What is Bitcoin ?
It is an online payment system which works on open source software which was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 .

It is software based currency that means its trading works with the software and all the payments in the system are recording in the public ledger . It uses its own unit of account which is called Bitcoin. 

Unlike other currencies where every country has it own currency , the bitcoin works in all countries with the same price globally.
You can buy or sell bitcoin anywhere .

There are lot of companies which provide service in bitcoin trading. You can create an account and start bitcoin trading instantly. 

How We Can Earn through Bitcoin ?

If you want to make money with bitcoin then you need to create online wallet where you can store your bitcoins and earn bitcoins from various resources. 

1. Create Online Wallet - 
There are lot of online wallets available , Some of the greatest wallets are listed below -

Bitcoin Wallet ( by bitcoin )




My favorite online bitcoin wallet is - 


For Indians Zebpay is the recommended wallet for storing bitcoins .

2. Earn Free Bitcoins -
You can earn bitcoins from the various sites . There are faucets sites, freelance sites , online games , online bitcoin mining etc. 

Faucets - You can make bitcoins from the faucets. All you need to do is 

  • open the site , 
  • fill your bitcoin address and 
  • complete the captcha 
You can do the same thing after every 5 , 10 , 15, 30 or 60 minutes ( it varies with every site )

I am listing few legit faucets that I am using to earn bitcoins - 

Freelance Sites - In these sites , you can earn bitcoins by doing tasks. If you are designer , writer or coder then you can complete the projects and recieve payments in bitcoin.

Playing Games Sites - You can make bitcoins by playing games online. That really fantastic way to make free bitcoins. 

Bitcoin Mining - You can mine bitcoins either by your Graphic card  ( GPU ) or choose Cloud mining . 
If you want to mine bitcoin from your PC then you need a 

  • PC or laptop with Graphic card 
  • Mining Software 
Thats it . After installing the software , you can mine bitcoins easily. 

If you want to mine bitcoins on cloud then you can sign up for sites like - Pool Bitcoin , nicehash  , hashing24 .

Please note that , In these sites you have to buy a plan in order to earn bitcoin . You can check prices on the sites. 

Do not want to invest money on cloud mining ??

Congrats, There are some free sites which offer free bitcoin mining. But the mining speed is very slow . You can check them -  Bitzfree .

If you want to know more about how to earn bitcoin then you can contact me via comment box. Thanks