Music brings people together. Use it, it is the key to peace. Come, take a ride with me in my musical journey. The saying is: Daane daane pe likha hai khaanewale ka naam. And I am saying: Gaane gaane pe likha hai gaanewale ka naam.

Shahreen Khan

# Tell about yourself and your family ?

My name is Shahreen Khan, I am a dutch-speaking desi singer, but I also do some modeling and acting. I and my family live in Holland.

I am what you see and hear and that is what you get, nothing more and nothing less. My family is my everything and my private matter and I would like to keep it that way.

# When did you start singing? 

When I go back in time, I see myself for the first time singing when I was 5 year old. I see myself on the dining table next to a radio, playing a song and me singing a long. I see my parents watching me very proudly. I guess that was the time when I started. I wish I could remember the song but I don't. 

# What songs you have done ? Name few of them 

For now I did only covers. Those are:

# Kaisi Paheli Zindagani mixed with A kiss to build a dream on

# Samjhawan (Alia Bhatt version)

# Mohabbat barsa de 
# And a jukebox of Nazia Hassan's songs

I also did the female version of Hero from Enrique Iglesias, but I changed the word "Hero" into "Angel", so I sang Let me be your angel. I haven't published this one because it has sentimental values for me.
My father is a lyricist and he has written songs for me. When the time is right I will publish them. For now I am busy following a path designed for me.

# Favorite songs ?

I have many favorite songs and it depends on my mood and time.

This very moment Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is my favorite.

# Any artist with whom you want to work  ?

Well, I dream big, so of course I dream of working together with all the big stars in bollywood. It is a dream and it is now up to me to realize that dream.

# Your favorite singers in Bollywood ?

As I have many favorite songs I also have many favorite singers. When he or she sings a song that touches my heart, he or she becomes my favorite  singer for that moment.

So at this very moment Arijit Singh is my favorite male singer because of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Nazia Hassan is my favorite female singer because of her song Koi Nahin which I also covered.  This is the video of that cover

# Who is your inspiration?

Positive people around me. I make sure I am surrounded with positive people. People who bring the best out of me, people who help me, people who care, people who want the best for me.

# Your crushes ?

I had a crush once for Shah Rukh Khan during Kuch kuch hota hai. That time I had crushes for simple but handsome looking types. But in time my taste switched to hot and sexy types with sixpacks.

# Favorite color ?


# Favorite food ?

I like desi food.  I also like Sarnami food like pitjel which I eat it with spicy peanut sauce. 

# Favorite buddy ?

That was my best friend I knew since kindergarten. Unfortunately she died due to cancer. I  made Nazia Hassan jukebox and dedicated it to her . 
My friend was a singer and she has won the the talent show in our birth country . She sang Nazia Hassan's song Sunn and Neele neele ambar from the movie Kalakaar. 

 Nazia Hassan died of cancer. The actor in that movie Kalakaar who acted as a singer died in that story also of cancer. And my best friend died also of cancer . And I miss her very much.

She was the sister I never had. She never had the chance of fulfilling her dreams because she died too early. I know she is in a good place now.
 And what I am going to say sounds silly maybe but I am trying to live in a way that hopefully the things she missed out she will see through my eyes and will experiences in a way.

# The craziest thing you ever did ?

I have done many crazy things in my life and you can not compare them with each other. 

For example:

# I let myself get hypnotized on stage. While I payed a ticket to go an see the show I end up giving the show.

# I also did ride a horse near the edge of a cliff .

# I had 3 different constrictors around my neck in 3 different countries

# I disguised myself on halloween and scared people .

# I slipped through security just to meet with a celebrity and I end up celebrating the after party with a celeb.

# I walked on the bottom of the sea feeding fish and wore a swimming costume and just an oxygen helmet. 

And the list goes on and on and I can not decide which one is the most craziest one.

# The most annoying thing about you ?

I am a control freak .

# What bothers you most ?

Of what I have learned about the World Wars, politics bothers me the most and especially politics since 9/11.

# One good thing and bad thing about you ?

I am very creative but I am very chaotic too. I have read that people with chaos are also more creative. It has been proven that the chaos give them freedom, which makes more room to create ideas and go beyond the lines and sometimes go extreme. People who have everything neatly organized are more careful, calmer and will always walk within the lines. So I am happy with being chaotic.

# What do you think about love ?

Love? ..... there are many types of love. Parent child love, child parent love, sibling love, friendship love, romeo and Juliet love and so on. 

I think loving and being loved is a wonderful feeling but it can also hurt and make you feel terrible. I don't know if real love between lovers does exist, if it does then I am still finding out what that really is, because I don't know. I m still waiting for a sign of the Almighty. May be I had those signs already but then I probably have missed them. 

# What you do in your free time ?

Music, movies, dancing, singing, acting, filming, modeling, helping others in need, meeting new people, enjoying life .

# Places in the world you would like to visit and why?

I have been to many places but where I really want to go is Hawaii, Maldives, Mauritius because of its nature, climate and culture. I would like to travel the entire Middle East but politics have shattered my dream. 
You may wonder , Why the Middle East ????  because of the history, the culture and many divers and the beautiful people about whom you do not hear in the news.  

# What you will do if you get the super power for one day ?

If I get the superpower for one day , I would definitely bring justice to where it is needed, vanish all the bad people in the world including all the bad governments and their bad leaders and create eternal peace, love and compassion for the whole world.

# Describe yourself in one word ?

Unique because I am one of a kind, a limited edition, but that I can say for each and every person on this earth. 

# Things you cannot live without ?

Not things but the persons. I cannot live without my loved ones .

# Any message to the readers ?

I waited too long to chase my dreams. So what I want to say is: 

Don't wait, whenever you get the chance, grab that chance to realize your dream. And even if you wait, it is never too late to start . Keep believing in yourself no matter what , and know that you will bump into obstacles, but do not give up, never give up!!