Ekta Raje Bundela is a well known name in the modelling world. She has been a part of several ramp show , ad campaigns  and Beauty Pageants. She was the finalist in the beauty contest Miss Summer Tulip India, 2013 (Goa) and Miss  India Earthwalk . Vivacity , an international magazine selected her as the cover page model . She is doing modelling and acting as well as managing her Business. We talked to her and asked about her personal and  professional life .

#Tell about yourself ?
I describe myself as an energetic, enthusiastic & passionate girl. Though my native place is Indore, the mini Bombay, I have done my studies from New Delhi. After completing my MBA, I joined Hindustan Times. Journalism was awesome and challenging at the same time. Working in tough conditions, handling risky situations and interacting with different type of people were altogether a different and enriching experience.  My second opportunity was to work with Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore where I evaluated the most intelligent brains of India.
I believe in getting the best possible results in any endeavour I undertake in life, whether its academics, sports, workout, modelling or acting.  I am a quick learner and adaptive worker. Yoga and workout are an integral part of my routine. Modelling and acting has been my hobby since my childhood. I always dreamed of being on the big screen. Slowly these hobbies became my passion and also my first career choice. Acting and modelling are in my blood. I feel at home on the ramp and in front of camera.

# How you came into modelling ?
I am in modelling since my school time. Modelling is my passion. I just love ramp, it makes me confident & strong.

# You have won several beauty pageants. So does it feels ?
Well, it is an honour when you are announced the most beautiful girl; of course it gives the best feeling. Beauty pageants are not only the beauty tests rather it is the ultimate test of your personality, how do you adapt, learn, behave & the most important your presence of mind.

# How was the experience with Vivacity Magazine ?
Vivacity is an International magazine; working with the Team Vivacity was an amazing experience. Not only it gave me an opportunity of working with such a big name, it also was a learning opportunity for me. I learnt a lot and got new insights from them. I must say thanks to Vivacity Family.

#You are business woman also, What motivates you to start a business as you are already an established model ?
“Those who start driving roller coaster, they do not like smooth drives then”. I love to work 24X7, and entrepreneurship is my expertise. With God’s grace, things have taken a positive form.

# What projects you are doing now ?
At present I am working with some other magazines, commercials, documentaries and films.

# How is your personal life ?
Life is beautiful; I am blessed with a happy and supporting family, helpful friends, co-workers and a big fan following.

# What is your favorite past time ?
I love to spend my time in gym, travelling, movies, music and doing something innovative.

#What food you like ?
I like Chinese and Punjabi food.

#What kind of peoples do you like ?
This is a difficult question, because I am no one to judge any one’s ‘Type’. Every individual is different so it’s difficult to categorize. I like all my friends.

#What is life ?
Life is a precious thing, we get it once. Live and enjoy it to the fullest, no matter how difficult things are but remember every problem has a solution, so, never give up.

#What is the craziest ever thing you have done in your life ?
Hmmmm,,, I sold movie tickets, I jumped from a Delhi DTC bus, Travelled typical Haryana rural area all alone etc.

# Name your one good habit and one bad habit ?
Good habit I can say is I do things on time with full responsibility & bad thing about me is I am little forgetful sometimes.

# What do you want achieve in your life ?
I want to be a good human being first, learning is endless & it would be best if I can become an ideal person for anyone.

#What are your upcoming plans ?I want to focus on my career more for now.

#What is the message to your fans ?
Please be honest, keep appreciating the best one, & I am really nothing without your love and blessings. Stay healthy, stay safe & yes, stay in touch. My best regards to all..!!!

#Thanks for your valuable time ?
Thank You So much !