Whatsapp is the very well known Messenger that every mobile user has in his mobile. Few years ago, Facebook was a sensation but now Whatsapp has spread the revolution in the field of communication.
Everyone knows Mark Zuckerberg , who is the founder of Facebook and also owns the whatsapp . But Do you know Who was the founder of Whatsapp ? 
I bet most of the peoples do not know the answer of this question . The answer is Whatsapp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum and then facebook bought it . 
Lets know more Interesting Facts about the famous and most used Messenger Whatsapp .

Top List of Interesting Facts About WhatsApp 

About Company and Owners

  • The name Whatsapp was given by Jan Koum from the term " WHAT'S UP " . He immediately chose the names as it sounded like " WHAT'S UP " .
  • Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 .
  • Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion on 19 feb. 2014
  • Facebook finalised the deal on Valentine day and then bought after five days.
  • Before Facebook ,Google offered tp pay $ 10 billion for Whatsapp .
  • Whatsapp is Facebook's largest acquisitition ever.
  • WhatsApp has serious Security Issues in 2011.
  • WhatsApp has the most number of active users per engineer.
  • As proved by Facebook,Whatsapp is worth more than the entire budget of NASA .
  • There are 55 employees who are working in Whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp is available in 32 languages in all the top mobile phones . 
  • Whatsapp is the # 1 messaging app service.
  • Whatsapp was bought by Mark Zuckerberg after two years of informal talking with the Brian Acton and Jan koum .
  • This was the Biggest ever Internet deal .
  •  Before selling Whatsapp, Brain Acton applied for a job in Facebook which was denied by Facebook .
  • In January 2015 , Whatsapp launched web client of whatsapp which allows users to use the app on computers ( By using Bluestack ).
  • WhatsApp has spent Zero Cash on marketing
  • WhatsApp earns money by charging subscription fee .
  • As of January 2015, 30 billion messages were sent and received daily . 
  • As of April 2015 , WhatsApp has more than 800 active users which is the highest users on any mobile messenger .
  • In April 2015 , Forbes predicted that telecom companies will lose about $ 386 billion between 2012 -18 due to messaging services like whatsapp etc.
Users Facts -
  • There are more than 200 million voice notesget shared on whatsapp daily.
  • A Single user spent avg . time of 195 mins. per week on whatsapp .
  • Everyday , More than 1 million users get registered on whatsapp .
  • Everyday , More than 700 pictures are shared on whatsapp .
  • India has the largest number of active users on whatsapp .
  • India has 70 million active users.
  • 72 %  of the users check their whatsapp everyday .
  • 27 %  of the selfies on the internet are due to whatsapp .
  • 84 % of the mobile users in Argentina uses Whatsapp.
  • 31 % of social messaging users in Ireland uses Whatsapp.
  • 81 % iphone users in Italy uses Whatsapp
  • 40 %  Italian uses Whatsapp .
  • 36 % mobile web users in UK uses whatsapp
  • 57 % Indonesians Smartphone users have whatsapp
  • 17 % Smartphone users in Finland uses Whatsapp
  • 8 % US teens (14-17) uses Whatsapp daily.
  • The average user checks whatsapp 23 times daily.
  • An average user sends more than 1000 messages on the whatsapp per month.
  • More than one million video messages are shared daily on whatsapp.
Do You Know-
  • Whatsapp had security issues in 2011 .
  • In January 2012 , Whatsapp was removed from iOS due to some reasons but then re-added four days later.
  • In MAY 2014 , Whatsapp was removed from windows store due to technical difficulties but re-added later .
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