Monster list of Reasons to Edit Pictures with Funny

If you are looking for an online Photo Editor Site then I would suggest you Funny , which provides everything in just a single box. It consists of over thousand creative photo frames , effects and montages. Its all very easy and instant. Just select the effect and upload your photo. All done !

 I have listed all the features of this amazing photo editing site .
Look at the features and get a reason to edit images with Funny .

Top Reasons to Edit Pics With Funny

# Realistic Photomontage

Realistic Photomontage is just like a fairytale where you can do anything . You can put your face in the bubble , which is quiet impossible in real life. Feel like a celebrity,Get yourself on the big hoarding just like celebs.And many more :)  Create a Photomontage

# Drawing vs Photography

This feature will change your image in a drawing . Also gives you the combination of drawing and photo in one picture. Add Drawing effects to your pictures 

#Hats & Caps Effects

You do not need a hat and caps to click your picture. You can add them in any picture .Get a christmas cap or a birthday cap on any image.

# Face in Hole Effects

You can add any face to any body . You can put your face on a body of any actor, actress, pirate, movie character, superhero , athelete or any attractive girl .

# Human-to-Animal Montages

This feature will transform you into your favourite animal . It has a rabbit, lion , tiger , panda ,chimp, sparrow etc.

# Stylized Effects

Stylize your picture with these effects . By this you can turn your photo into old with old photo effect. You can add rain drops , rainbow, snow and more effects on your pics .

# Photo Borders

Make your pictures more attractive and different from others by adding different borders to your pictures .

# Sketches and Paintings

This feature will turn your photos into Sketching and Painting. You do not need to pay an artist to create a painting of you . Its all free with this amazing photo editing site .

# Premium Sketches and Drawings

It will give  premium touch to your photo. Make your picture with various drawing materials like crayons, pastels , charcoal and more . All instantly and you do not need to be an artist. 

# Magazine Covers

This feature makes you feel like a celebrity. Put your photo  on the dream magazine cover like glamour , vogue, times , people and more.

# Flag Face Paint

Cheer your nation by putting the flag on your face. 

# Celebrity and Me Photo Montages

Get a Picture of your favourite celebrity holding a picture of you. This is possible with Celebrity and Me feature .

# Background Effects

It does not matter if the background of real picture is not good. You can still change it into beautiful and attractive background with these effects.

# Multi Photo Frames

If you want to put your family or friends in one picture then you can use this Multi Photo Frames which gives 3D montage effect to your pictures. Collect all the memories and put in the wonderful picture.

# Shape Photo Collages

You can make a collage of any shape and express your feelings. There are several shapes like heart , flower , smile, Dollar , Music and more.

# Amazing Photo Frames

This feature comes with animation . Make a photo frame of beating heart, life line, Double heart photo ,elephant artist .

# Simple Photo Frames

Simple Photo frames gives you lot of options to make a your photo look special .

# Creative Lighting Effects

This feature adds lighting effect to your picture . You can turn day into night, add sunset effect to your picture or add flood lights to highlight your pic.

# Color Effects & Filters

You can add color effects to your picture. Highlight any color in the image and make it feel fresh. It comes with the HDR effect which is actually an imitation. But still effective to impress with your picture.

# Creative Photo Effects

This feature makes the kaleidoscope or Jigsaw puzzle of any picture. One of the cool feature of this photo editor.

# Money Templates

You can put your face on the various currencies like dollar, pound, euro , etc.

# Zodiac Signs

Get a picture with your zodiac sign .

# Scary Face Effects

This feature will make you into zombies , vampires and Demons.

If you ever want to edit your picture then yo should try funny site.
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