We do not see lots of Indian girls rapping in the music industry . They prefer to become Rnb /contemporary singer instead of Rapper. We have seen Hard Kaur rapping in albums and movies but she is the only name that comes in mind when we think of Indian female rapper . But soon you will get more names in the list as Indian female rappers are growing . And Nikita Sareen is one of those name who took challenges and came in the rap field. 
She has performed in numerous live shows and currently busy in movies . Here is the exclusive interview with this upcoming star …

Nikita Sareen
 Credits : Nikita Sareen  & Silent Sunny 

 #  Tell our viewers about yourself?
I am Nikita Sareen and I belongs to Punjabi Family. My Dad is a businessman and my mom is lawyer by profession. My brother is studying Engineering.

 # What are the places where you grew up ?
I spent my whole childhood at Delhi and currently residing there .

 # How were you as a little kid ? Naughty,Bubbly,Serious or Crazy
I was bubbly and smiley type girl . Always.

 # When you decided to come in entertainment industry ?
Its 3 years back’, I use to write songs since the age of 13 . I wrote in all the three languages Hindi, English and       Punjabi. I gave my first lyrics for the song om sai ram then after that I gave rap lyrics for abaaz which heperformed with indeep bakshi in many shows . Thats how I started in music industry.

 # How you come in rap ? We do not see many Indian  girls rapping songs.
I use to write rap songs . After giving rap lyrics to many songs ,I got lots of appreciation . Then I realize that I must rap my own raps lyrics . I started rap in 2012  And last year in Feb, I performed live rap on bindaas emotional attyachar .

 # When you got your first chance in music and how ?
I got my first chance in Singer bhanu pratap ‘s album in which I did a rap in the  turn track named “Nedhe aa “.
After that I met Jaspreet Jasz and GJ Singh,a very famous and great singer/music producer who gave me the chance to rap in the Punjabi Movie RSVP 

# Who is your inspiration ?
Honey Singh is my inspiration.

# What are your hobbies ?
I like writing , rapping , travelling.

# What kind of movies /music you like ?
It depends on mah mood .

# What is that one thing you cannot live without ?
I cannot live without my family.

# What are the things that annoys you  most ?
I do not like liars. If someone lies to me,that annoys me most .

# Your one bad habit that annoys others ?
My restlessness.

# Any Crush ?
Ranbir singh

# Do you believe in love ?

# How you look at life ?
Life is a Party , Celebrate it !

# What you will do if you get a chance to act in a movie ?
I would love to act as I am a passionate actor .

# Any particular actor/singer or director with whom you dream to work with?
Salman khan And A R Rahman

# What are your forthcoming projects ?
I am working on many  projects . Soon you will see my songs that will come this year. Stay connected.

# Have you ever thought that you will be featured on GAG mag? (Glam Ajab Gazab mag ) 
Haha..Never thought.

 So much thanks for your valuable time
Your welcome :)

( Silent Sunny took this Interview for Glam Ajab Gazab Mag )