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Top 5 Reasons Why I Do Not Like Honey Singh's Songs

Honey Singh

Silent Sunny
(  All the reasons are created by my own mind and I have presented them with the facts . If anyone have issue with this then he/she can contact me. )
No doubt Honey Singh is the most successful singer in Bollywood right now. Despite of his large number of hits , none of his song is actually called as a "Song" .
He is still in the list of all the crappers since he started crapping (rapping whatever) .

Here are Some of the Reasons Why I Do Not Like Honey Singh

Copied Stuff - Every song of Honey Singh is copied in some extent. Whether we talk about kick (Low by florida feat T - pain) song or Desi Kalakaar (Payphone by Marron 5) , all the ideas were stolen from other songs.There are lot more in the list. But Honey Singh denied all the allegations. As usual , all the cases are pending in the court.

Lack of Originality - If you gets the work done by someone else then why would you do it by your own. Anyway the work is done but your touch is missing. Same wit…