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MOMC-1 Friend Getting Ready For A Date

Friend Getting Ready For  A Date Its  been  said  that Love happens once in a lifetime..When it happens everything changes to green,everything looks amazing,you like to live…That’s love..

Bt in real actually this happens…just for one time in a lifetime..Do u believe it.. I asked my friend , Abhi.

(He is 5’7 musculature fair guy studying computer science in Delhi’s Top College GCT . According to him..There are only three things important in life.. Money, Food and Girls..”)

The latest news is this that He just tied up with his third gf… Abhi “Man,this is my real love . Finally,I got it” I asked ”Then what abt ur past two”. Those  was just kid’s mistake “ Abhi convincing me.. Mistakes twice !! I stared at him and asked. Forget it…I am goin for a date.. What dress should I wear. A shirt or t-shirt..And jeans ..which color.. Lots of rapid fire questions..He is so excited.

He took all the shirts and jeans from the cup board and put them on the bed..and looked at me..”I have …