What is NRC and what documents are required for it ?

What is NRC and full form of NRC - The main objective of NRC bill is to send back the migrants living illegally in the country to their country. Explain that strict laws are already in force in the US and European countries regarding illegal migrants

National Register of Citizens Bill : 

The objective of NRC or National Register of Citizen Bill is to illegally drive out the illegally settled intruders in India. Please tell that NRC Bill has been completed only in Assam. Whereas Home Minister Amit Shah has made it clear that NRC will be implemented across India.

The government has made it clear that NRC has nothing to do with the citizens of any religion in India, its purpose is only to drive out illegal infiltrators from India. Here we are answering important questions related to this.

What does NRC Means and What is Required for it ?

  • What does NRC means ?
National Register of Citizen Bill (NRC Bill Meaning) is a register that will keep records of all legitimate citizens residing in India. Let us tell you that NRC was started in 2013 under the supervision of Supreme Court in Assam. At present it is not applicable in any state other than Assam.

  • What is required to join ?
NRC To prove a citizen of India under NRC, one has to prove that his ancestors had come to India before 24 March 1971. Let it be said that it has been implemented first in Assam to expel illegal Bangladeshis. The bill to introduce it in the whole country can be brought in the next Parliament session. It will have different requirements and draft for implementation across India.

  • Which documents are required for NRC: 
prove to be a valid citizen of India, a person must have a Refugee Registration, Aadhaar Card, Certificate of Birth, LIC Policy, Citizenship Certificate, Passport, any one of the government issued license or certificate. 

  • What will happen to people who do not join NRC?
If a person does not join the NRC, he will be taken to the Detention Center as done in Assam. After this, the government will contact the countries where they are citizens. If the evidence provided by the government accepts the government of other countries, then such illegal migrants will be sent back to their country.
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