Friday, November 2, 2018

Why Every Musician Should Use Business Cards ?

Business cards, we all have them. Some of us swear by them, others call "neh" and do away with them. Whatever type you are in, I'm sure someone has handed you over to some point. And you probably thought, "What should I do with it?" Or maybe you were like "sweet friend", I'm calling you right away. "Either way, this is probably thinking to you. You thought," Wow, this person is really ready. "I seriously doubt that you thought," Hey, look at this guy, seriously uses business cards. "

In this article, we are going to see some things along with business cards to stand in the ocean of some music, and why the business cards for musicians can still be used today.

The reality

Okay, it's interesting that in 2018 we are still talking about them. I mean, we should have a hoverboard, flying car, self-typing shoes, and time travel in the past. Sorry, Marty, we are not yet.

Since the world becomes digitally digitized with things like Cloud, Spotify and Facebook, it seems that business cards for musicians are a bit old. But are they really? Well, we are human, so it is only natural that we like human touch. Assigning a tangible thing to another person puts more influence on social media than any other 'like' or 'follow'.

In 2016, paper books increased sales by 7%, while eBooks reduced 4%. For this, a great quality was adult-colored books and the children liked the paper book on a Kindle or iPad. What does this suggest? I think this is clear.

We do not like everything in our lives to be digital. We like those things which have textures and we can hold them in our hands. Digital can sometimes take a little bit sterile.

Forces you to network

When you learn something for yourself, you take responsibility for it. Similarly, when you spend money on something, you are willing to use it. The cost of a Facebook page or a Twitter account is nothing. So it is very easy to give old 'oh tomorrow, tomorrow'. To get the dust on that new year's resolution practice tool, it does not cost a great deal to just sit there.

But what happens when you actually use it and you start seeing results. You probably feel like a million rupees. Well, when you have spent money on some business cards, I bet you anything when you start using them and start meeting people.

The difference you can make is by removing your ass and entering those right to the networking events or creating the right mindset to build courage to talk to that person.

What do they have to keep?

Your original setup should be quality stock (stock = paper type). A good 16pt paper or 38pt triple layered paper works beautifully. Avoid basic, cookie-cutter designs or images. Make sure your business card includes the following:

your name
Services provided
Phone number
SoundCloud, Spotify, Facebook, or YouTube
Your website URL
Do not let angry people with every social media account you have Provide the people you use the most and those who give you the best examples.
be creative

Your card is a reflection of your artwork. So it should talk to you. Are you a plain and boring person? Then your business card should be simple and boring Are you a simple but modern person?

Then your business card should talk about it. Try things like colorful backgrounds, or follow trends of modern artwork and try to include it in your design. It does not have to stop there too.

Why are not some fun quotes or descriptions of your services? Do not just sit on 'guitar player' or my favorite 'pianist'. Make the line about who you are. Just do not do it more.

After all

Business cards are not all end. When you have it, you will not only start booking the outstanding gig and will not do much (maybe you will) They are a way to keep your information well for your prospect, which you have to be interested in presenting. Then, it can take them to your website or demo reels. A good looking business card is only the first step, the rest is up to you ...

I ask you this

How many of you composers still use business cards? When we move more and more into digitization, then what are your thoughts about them? Do people really care about perfection? For my networking composers, if there was any website that helped businessmen to frustrate with the design of business cards and other paper promotions, would you use it?

For my networking composers, if there was any website that helped businessmen to frustrate with the design of business cards and other paper promotions, would you use it? If you will see this website This is a great place to find beautifully made business cards and other promotional materials for musicians.
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