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Interesting Facts That Science Can Tell Us About Music

Where would we be without science? Most likely, dead. We could have been destroyed by some super cholera or destroyed by another kind of primates who would discover the secrets of science and decide to use them against us.

So for our existence, we should be thankful to science. It makes the human race fight, heal diseases, connect people and ask important questions, such as these: are Queen fans most sensitive? Why do cats hate human music?

What you will find in this article is 13 studies that have been thoroughly studied (not by us) , which allow you to delve into the microworld of music. Nevertheless, the discovery of secrets of the rhythmic brain takes much more time than just one study, so do not show these facts to everyone around, as if some Scripture is just a proven hypothesis.

Interesting Facts About Music -

1. Music can really make a certain food tastier

The University of Oxford conducted a “bitter-sweet study,” in which he suggested that sound could influence the taste of food in much the same way as the appearance and smell of food affect it. Research has shown that, for example, low bass sounds make us feel bitter, while the high tones of piano notes can make food taste sweeter.

2. Queen fans are very sensitive

The University of Cambridge selected 4,000 people to participate in various tests, the result of which identified them either as an "empathizer" or a "systematizer".

Empathizing personalities were those who respond to the emotions of other people. And those who systematize are those who analyze the rules and patterns in order to make a decision. Using a quick review of the test results, the researchers found that Jeff Buckley, Queen, and Norah Jones fans were most often “empathic,” while Metallica fell into the “systematizing” category.

3. Fans of metal are happier than everyone else

The psychological journal Self and Identity compared the level of happiness of metal fans in the 80s with the listeners of all other genres. The study showed that the metalworkers "were much happier in their youth and are better equipped today." The main factor in this, according to scientists, is that "in the metal community, fans and musicians seemed to feel each other's family."

4. Fans of festivals are about 25 kilometers over the weekend

The study showed that the average music fan burns about 9 thousand calories and runs about 25 kilometers during the festival weekend. So it is not surprising that Glastonbury is always crowded with visitors. If in just one day a fan passes about 8.2 kilometers and burns 3,000 calories, then this is obviously cheaper than a gym membership.

5. Singing can help you look younger

British doctors have found that musicians can boast a high lung capacity. It also improved posture, growing mental activity and constantly trained facial muscles, which can help them prolong external youth (not to be confused with life extension!) .

6. Pop music is objectively less creative than it used to be

The National Research Council of Spain this year studied the dynamics of pop music in recent years: decreasing past 50 years. "

7. Music was part of primitive societies

returning to the times when we were all much more hairy, we learn (thanks to science!) That our ancestors loved to jam not less than we did. Archaeologists have found flutes in caves in the south of Germany, apparently carved from animal bones and 42-43 thousand years old each.

8. Sometimes music is more pleasant than sex

a recent study found that 40% of people feel that the music they listen to during sex excites them more than a real partner. This is due to the fact that music is able to activate certain pleasure centers, which are also responsible for sex. And according to the results of another study, "Bohemian Rhapsody" has become one of those tracks that respondents consider in principle better than sex.

9. Music can allow you to feel the buzz

no, not the buzz when your eyes turn glassy and you start to dream of a sandwich with fish sticks. A lively and energetic performance of music can cause a charge of endorphins, which go straight to your brain, and this is an exact imitation of a feeling of euphoria.

10. There is a reason why cats do not like human music

David Taye is a man who invented an album that supposedly can "improve cat lives." According to the fundamental laws of biology, the first “music” that a person hears in his life is the even heartbeat of his mother’s heart when he himself is still in the womb. Therefore, we tend to associate positive emotions with the "pulsation". Cats that are obviously not humans get this experience much later with the sucking reflex.

11. Science can explain the cover of the album "Unknown Pleasures"

the mysterious black and white mountain peaks, instantly recognizable and forever imprinted in tattoos and clothing, are in fact a monochrome visualization of the data of pulsars, which recorded a dying star. Great tragedy - we believe that this is really the perfect cover for the Joy Division.

12. Drummers are smarter of all

the researchers of the Stockholm Karolinska Institute found out that drummers who are able to keep a tight rhythm, coped best with an intellectual ability test consisting of 60 questions. This reflects their good skills in solving problems that have a positive impact on everyone who is nearby, and therefore it is clearly time for us to finish with all these jokes about “stupid drummers.”

13. Playing the tracks of the Nirvana group can help you get pregnant

great news for all women who dream of becoming mothers, and terrible if you are the guy - the study showed that in eggs placed next to the iPods losing the groups Nirvana and Metallica, fertilization with IVF occurred 5% faster than other cases.

These were few interesting facts about music. If you know any then comment.

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