Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Send Music to Official Playlists in Spotify

Spotify has recently given users the ability to send their music to official playlists and as any artist knows, placing their music on these coveted lists can do wonders for their popularity and exposure.

In this article, we will examine how to determine eligibility and the submission process. It's been a few months since Spotify gave its users the ability to send their own music to their official playlists.

If you are interested in being present as an artist on this platform (which no one doubts). It is extremely important that you understand the process and use it to the extent that it brings you closer to your goals.

Getting your song on an official playlist could be huge for popularity and exposure in general. This is a small reminder of everything you need to know about manually sending your music today.

What makes me eligible to send my music to a Spotify playlist?

Now, there are some things you must have completed before you can submit your songs for consideration.

On the one hand, your song must have already been sent for distribution on Spotify depending on whether it is eligible to send playlists.

You must have at least one song release before you can use the submission form.

In order for your submission to be eligible, you must make sure to send your song at least seven days before its actual release date.

Spotify only considers unreleased music for its curated playlists. So it is not possible to send any of your songs that are already published.

So how can I send my song for your consideration?

This is the process you must follow to have your music considered for the official Spotify playlists:

1. Log in to Spotify for Artists on your personal desktop -  You must use a desktop computer, since the mobile application can not be used for shipping yet.

2. Locate any of your unreleased songs - at the top of the Home or Profile tab, then select Start.

3. Choose a song from your release - that you want to send.

4. Include all the information you can about the song - The more information you provide to Spotify, the greater the likelihood that your song will be chosen. Very important to take it into account.

5. After completing all the information press send .

Its simple.
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