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How to Promote a Song Online

No one will know about a musician or music group until they are promoted. It is possible to promote a song in several ways, and not always generous investments are required for this.

So, the goal is to promote your songs. It happens that fame comes unexpectedly, but for this you need to work. Promotion of songs through the Internet today is considered one of the most accessible ways of PR starters.

Riana, LittleBoots, ArcticMonkeys, Lilly Allen, OneRepublic, Peter Nalitch, Nikolay Voronov and many others came from the Internet.

Where to begin?

With high-quality sound recording. Spin the song recorded on his knees - a thankless venture. You can always find a low-cost studio or a sound engineer among friends or acquaintances.

Post songs or links to songs on the Internet, at least on those sites where you often go. These can be social networks, forums, blogs, communities. Do you not know where the musicians live. On the possibilities of promoting music on the Golden Path.

Think about shooting a video

This may be an amateur clip, but one that could quickly unleash a song. Screw something bright and possibly scandalous into the plot. Upload your video to Youtube.
With the video posted, the same rule applies as with the audio format. Duplicate the link to it a maximum. And may spam help you!

Register, in the end, your team or yourself on all known music resources, create a page in social networks (even in classmates). This will help to promote the song through the Internet faster.

You probably read about your new songs, music, groups in the news feed of your friends, or laid out the information yourself. Do everything to run the word of mouth. PR specialists in social networks claim that in order to promote a song, you should set up a discussion in at least 100 publics or blogs. Choose with the most popular.

You need to spin the song in all formats. Including in the format of news. News portals specializing in music abound. Select who are interesting to you, who are interested in you, turn on the fantasy or refer to familiar stilts. The article can describe information about your VIA, publish photos, give a link to video or audio.

Take the song to a radio station that specializes in your style. And it's time to remove the rose-colored glasses, stop fantasizing about fees. Read more about promoting a song on the radio.

For reference: “Golden Track” is a music portal where you can always find new music. We have combined novice musicians, representatives of recording studios, producers. Here there are important acquaintances, from here musicians get on the radio and find their listeners. At the moment on the portal more than 1000 musicians are promoting their songs.

Don't know how to promote your band or promote your music?

It seems to you that this task is unbearable for a young musician? If you are plagued by these questions, then you need to understand that everything is not as difficult as you think.

You just need to take certain sequential steps and try to avoid the common mistakes of many beginning musicians. Moreover, now there are many opportunities for a musician to tell millions of people about his work using the Internet (for example, his music site) . In a few minutes sitting at home in front of a computer and thus try to quickly promote his band and music. Ten years ago, musicians could only dream of such an opportunity.

But advanced communications tools like the Internet are just a tool in the hands of a musician. The musician must learn to use it. A novice musician needs to have a certain strategy. A plan to promote his music, promote a band or his own brand. A musician must be able to “sell” both himself and his music.

Therefore, today I want to present you with a brief, step-by-step instruction on how to promote your music, yourself, and your group.

Come up with a unique name for your band or your musical pseudonym. You must be very careful about this issue.

Your name or pseudonym should be original, unique, reflect the main essence of your music. And at the same time should be bright and easy to remember. The task is not simple.

Examples of successful names of musical groups and the principles on which they were selected can be found in our article.

Invest in your music

Have you thought about money?

No, I meant more expensive investments: time, effort, perseverance, work.

Make useful contacts

No one says that without connections you will not be able to spin, on the contrary, among talented musicians, influential connections arise as a result of their successful self-promotion. Nevertheless, acquaintance with other more experienced and even well-known musicians. Learning from them their professional knowledge, subtleties and experiences will not be superfluous, at least, agree!

Choose your target audience. I hope you have already decided at least in general terms with the style / genre of your music that you want to promote. If so, then you need to understand what people particularly like in this musical style. And, accordingly, on the basis of what has been found out, already use it with reference to your music.

Learn to anticipate the tastes of your listeners.

Word of mouth is the best marketing tool

Share all your songs with your friends, acquaintances, relatives, invite them to rehearsals. Or you can even try to connect them to the performance of any of your songs. All this will make them talk, tell their acquaintances about you, but those in turn will tell theirs, etc.

You can continue this chain to infinity. By launching this mechanism to promote your group, you will not be able to stop it.
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