Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to Advertise on Youtube : For Musicians And Singers

The current society loves a good visual, so video clips, live performances. And even videos with the lyrics of the song are becoming essential element in the musician's toolbox. Many fans come across new songs on YouTube. In reality, it 's how young people look for new music. And many artists use that platform to deliver extra content, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

YouTube becomes an even more efficient platform for artists who use it with the TrueView advertising feature. Most artists shy away from ads because they think it's throwing money out the window.

But YouTube (as well as other social platforms) works quietly with a budget that can be as little as a dollar or two a day. Here are a few do or do not's in the YouTube organic ads tool that can help you kick-start your next video, vlog, or other content.

1. Does your video deserve to be boosted?

Before we go ahead, let's first address what kind of project is usually worth being driven, and which is not. It is probably worth investing a swap in these types of video:

 New Music Clip:

This will attract new fans to your work, and bring attention to your album.

A "making of" video :

This kind of video can work out better if it's focused on your existing fans, but a "making of" can always cause anticipation for the upcoming release.

A "just left" advertisement:

That's what YouTube ads are for. Brief clips that take the viewer to iTunes or your site.

 A well-shot video of a live or acoustic presentation:

It can increase the expectation around your new work or attract new fans to your music. These types of videos may not be worth the investment, or worth a smaller investment:

 A video with the lyrics of the song, or only with audio:

Generally, a video with the lyrics of the song or only with the audio are complements that go along with a song, right? It's something that ties to a single or an album.

It's an extra for fans to see on YouTube, but not the key product - its not the single, it's a bonus. So most artists prefer to invest in a "just-released" video or pay ads on Facebook and / or Twitter to pump their single.

Investing your pennies on YouTube to advertise a video of lyrics or just audio may not be the best investment.  Confession- I invested in this kind of video and I do not regret it. I got quite satisfactory numbers with an audio-only video, which made my tape with track directors and the press. Maybe it's worth making a smaller investment with it

The video of a cover:

YouTube is a great vehicle for covers, which are a great way to get the attention of new fans. With YouTube's stringent copyright rules, however, you may not want to invest in a video that can later be taken off the air.

 A vlog (if you're a new artist):

Vlogs are misleading. And it may be best for new artists to have their sound heard shortly before releasing vlogs from your band. Usually, it's best that people listen to your music before.

If you are confident that the kind of video you have in mind is worth the investment. The next step is to make sure it is well built and can be shared. Your videos have to be professionally shot and have a decent length of time.  Generally, a video that works well on YouTube takes less than five minutes. I do not know you, but even though I'm the biggest fan of an artist, any video longer than eight minutes will make me lose focus and open another flap.

2. Choose your angle

YouTube ads and their ads should work with the same logic as TV commercials. They should encourage the viewer to click the "see more" button. So if you're promoting your video clip, for example, it might be best to make an advertising video for it, unless the first 30 seconds of your clip are the most engaging.

Your ad preview may be the best moments of the video, with subtitles underneath saying "just left" and "click here to watch the whole video". You can only use portions of your video for the ad, but it's also great to be creative to stand out from the other ads.

Another ad idea might be to film you or your band talking to YouTube viewers, asking them to click to see more of the video, download the project, or whatever you're doing. Have fun and be creative!

3. Set your budget and get to work

People do not advertise on YouTube for two reasons: lack of money or confusion. Fortunately, the YouTube ad tool makes it all so simple. Here's how to get started:

 Go to the YouTube TrueView tool . 

This is very simple . Have you decided to preview your video clip to be your ad? Or did you decide to put the whole video there? No matter what you choose as an ad, put the link in the first line of the description-again. It's a very easy-to-use program.

Add where the button should go. Either to your YouTube channel or maybe your page in iTunes.

 Put your budget-

You'll notice that at $ 10 you can be able to reach up to 1,000 user profiles per day. You can also target your ad to a specific audience. Either by tanned page type, area where the person lives, and age groups.

And there it is! You have an advertisement there that will be shown to many people. And also be sure to post your video on social networks, to reach as many people as possible.
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