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20 Interesting Facts About Music

Although it seems that music is simple, and we often take it for granted, it is one of the most complex and amazing things in the whole universe. Based on mathematical principles, the music is incredible, at least because the waves of certain frequencies in combination create melodies that have the most positive effect on us.

In fact, music is something built into the physical system of our world. It follows from the same laws of physics and mathematics that order our world into molecules and atoms.

It also affects our brain - the most advanced computer in the world. In order to truly understand music, you need to know both about the complexity of the physical world and about the smallest details of the field of biology. And although this list will not have boring explanations of complex issues, we are going to talk about some exciting things about music, as well as its influence in our world.

It is safe to say that there is not a single person in the world who would never have been touched by music. So, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with twenty five amazing facts about music that you might not know.

1. Interesting fact about the Beatles

You can write good music, even without knowing the musical notation. None of the "Beatles" did not know the musical notes.

2. Music of the Heart

Music really affects the state of our body. Your heart adjusts to the rhythm of the music you are listening to.

3. Lil wayne

The rapper has a “Lucky Me” tattoo on his neck in honor of the track Jay-Z of the same name. And on the leg is knocked out a whole couplet of this song. According to his statement, he stopped listening to other artists when the namesake released The Black Album. Although he himself admitted that his favorite band is Nirvana.

4. The longest concert

Unfortunately, we do not wait for the end of the longest concert. The longest concert ever began in 2001 in a church in the German city of Halberstadt - it should be completed in 2640  and will last, thus, 639 years.

5. Elvis Presley

Elvis conquered everyone with charm and voice, not the ability to compose lyrics. The king of rock and roll did not write any of his songs on his own.

6. Dangerous volume

If you want to drink, make the music quieter. Loud music can make you want to drink more alcohol in less time.

7. Earworm

Unfortunately, these worms are quite intrusive. There is a term for the song in our head in English - “earworm”, which literally translates as “earworm”. The word comes from the German "Ohrwurm".

8. The fastest rapper

The rapper's record - 723 words in 51 seconds. NoClue, a Seattle rapper, was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest rapper in the world - he is able to read 723 words in 51.27 seconds.

9. Pleasure hormone

Music can make us happier. Music causes activity in the same part of the brain that produces the “pleasure hormone” - dopamine.

10. Metallica

Severe musicians are not afraid of the harsh climate. Metallica received the title of the first and only group that played on all seven continents. She ended up in the Guinness Book of Records after playing a concert in the Antarctic.

11. Scare songs

For justice, Britney’s songs aren’t that awful. The British Army used Britney Spears songs to scare Somali pirates.

12. Motivating music

Be sure to take good headphones to the gym. Listening to music during workouts can significantly increase physical performance.

13. The first is the best

Don't like the remix of your favorite track? The point is not that he is poorly reduced. Studies have shown that we prefer the original versions of the songs not because they are better, but because we heard them first (the researchers forced people to evaluate the same song twice, and they always chose the first version, even if there was no change in it).

14. The power of memories

All songs are associated with certain events and people. His favorite song is always associated with a certain event in his life, which caused strong emotions.

15. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday is the most famous song in the world. Every year, Warner Brothers receives payments in the amount of two million dollars thanks to its rights to the song Happy Birthday. It is for this reason that you will never hear it in movies and on television - in order to make public use of this track, you have to pay.

16. The real slim shady

Sometimes inspiration comes at the most unexpected time. Eminem came up with and recorded the track The Real Slim Shady three hours before his album was completely ready.

17. Flowers, music lovers

Plants tend to prefer the classics. Flowers grow faster if they “listen” to music.

18. Jingle bells

Christmas anthem could be quite different. The original Jingle Bells New Year's song was intended for Thanksgiving.

19. Music as a way of life

Our consciousness and music mutually influence each other. The direction of music that you prefer reflects your perception of the world and yourself.

20. Your Fav. Song

Your fav. song is one that relates to you. Comment and tell what is your fav. song and why ?
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