Friday, October 5, 2018

How to Market Your Music on Social Networks

If you want to know how to market your music online then you can get some great information here. You can advertise your music on google, facebook or on other advertising platforms. If you want to do it for free then social media sites can help you if you do it right. 

How to Market Your Music on Social Networks -

1. Quality

First and foremost, you must have quality music. Unless you want to be the next Slim Jesus or Rebecca Black, you have quality music that is worth listening to. Not only should you have good music content. But it also needs to be professional and attractive. If you already have good quality music, then let's go to the next tips!

 2. Social Media

Social media is a great way to market and share your music. You can literally join thousands of people in seconds. You must sign up at least three different social media sites.

Living with more than three can be difficult. So I advise you to stick to three. If you feel that you can handle more, please sign up as much as you like. Much better Stay active, but do not spam. It just bothers people and it seems that you are desperate for meditation.

Rather than spamming, value to your followers and friends. Post quotes, pictures, and suggestions. Post quotes from your device, everyday activities, or your song. You can also post links to your site, but do not spam.

Youtube -

Youtube is one of the biggest search engine. Peoples search for videos. You can upload quality music videos and vlogs. Add a bunch of tags, and get long details with links to your social media accounts. Chat with people and answer every comment. The more videos you have, the better are the chances to get more views.

Soundcloud -

SoundCloud is a great website for posting and sharing your music. Many and the upcoming artists create their fan base using the Sound Cloud alone. Users can like and share your songs.

I used the sound cloud and I highly recommend you use it. This is a great and easy way for your fans to listen to your music. You can share the link and it will take people straight to your song. SoundCloud Marketing Video.

Instagram -

Instagram is the fastest growing social media website. Post a link to your YouTube or SoundCloud in your bio and grow your plays/ideas. Upload 15 seconds of your song.

Like other artist's photos and videos, please like and comment. Chat with other people and artists. They will click on your page and check you out. Users can post your music and pictures again. The more pictures you like and comment, the better.

Other sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter also play a major role in your music online marketing. Twitter can be used to keep your fans and followers updated on your latest music. Facebook can be used to communicate with friends and fans at a more personal level.

This gives you the opportunity to write a long post and speak in your head. Snapchat is another fast growing social media site. This is a great way to make fun with your friends and fans by posting multiple videos and pictures.

Again, managing each one of them is difficult. That's why I recommend that you choose at least 3 and stay with them. Who takes me to my last tip. rida

3. Consistency

This is the most difficult and most important step. You should be consistent. On social media, you have to upload content every day, and you will have to upload weekly songs / videos. We live in a fast pace world and we need to attract people's attention. And how do we do this?

Being Constant.

Remember, nothing happens in the night. But if you persist and use these tips, then you will start seeing results at any time. Be patient! If you are expecting the success of the night, then it will not happen.

Alicia Keys said, "My over night success took me 16 years."

Marketing your music online will definitely help in speeding up the process. There are many other tips but these are just a few simple ones.

Making a remix for popular songs on the radio can definitely help you get more ideas.

I hope these tips helped how to help your music in the online market.
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