How to Update Instagram on Android Mobile ? ( All the Methods )

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How to Update Instagram on Android Mobile ? ( All the Methods )

How to update instagram ? Instagram algorithm is guarded by timely upgrades and it also secure user's information . Each instagram update ensures overall security of the application and provide new features.

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Not all users like to update installed applications on their mobile devices, often believing that this is an extra waste of time. So, this is completely wrong. On the contrary, updating is almost always a plus.

For example, developers are closing various "holes" from malicious files, a new functionality appears, battery power consumption is optimized, etc. 

In case we're talking about Instagram, it's also new filters or updated tools for photo editing. In a word, the update is for good, so today we will tell you how to update the Instagram application.

How do I know if I need to update Instagram?

1. Open the Google Play Store and write instagram " in the search box. In any case, you will get the official application in the first place.

2. Open the application and if you see the "Update" button, then you do not have the latest version of Instagram installed and it needs to be updated.

How to update Instagram using the Google Play Store? 

Now you know that the application requires an update.  
To update, click on the "Update" button.

 If new features have been added to the application, you  may need additional permissions, which you must provide by clicking on the "Accept" button.

 After that, the application will be updated.

When the update is complete, Instagram will be updated automatically. If you see on the Google Play Store, the "Open" button will appear on the place of "Update" button. This indicates that the application has been updated.

Another Method to Update instagram on Google Play Store -

Its very simple to upgrade instagram on android mobile. Follow the below steps -

1. Go to Menu
2. Swipe left side of the screen to the right.
3. From the menu, select My Apps and Games.
4. Find the Instagram application
5. If there is "Update" button next to Instagram app , then click on it and update the application in the way described above. 

If you see "Installed", as in my case, there are no updates.

How to update Instagram without Google Play Store?

I strongly recommend that you update apps only from the Google Play Market. Installing applications from third-party sources can harm your device and only you will be to blame for this.

We recommend downloading the APK file from the Play Store to your computer and then installing it on your smartphone. 

I will make an article where I will tell you how to download the APK file from the Play Market, and here - how to install it on the device.

How do I find out the installed version of Instagram?

1. Open the settings, 
2. Go to the applications.
3. Go to Instagram application and tap on it. 
4.You will see the installed version of the instagram.

Its very easy to update instagram and you should always update the latest version. Now, you have got information of all the methods by which you can update instagram on your android mobile. 

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