Every blogger wants to make money from their blog and they start blogging with this intention. But you must have the knowledge about the topic that you are blogging about. You cannot copy paste articles from other websites and create your blog with full of copied content. That would not make you great blogger. If you want to create a successful blog that gives you revenue then you should create unique and interesting content. 

Basic Steps to Become Successful Blogger

1. Read more to know More -

It does not matter what topic you are blogging about. You must have proper knowledge about that topic. If you do not have much knowledge then start reading about that topic. You can read websites related to your topics . Gain as much information as you can and then start writing about it. By doing this, you can explain in much better way and it will increase your knowledge .

2. Do not Copy 

If you want to become successful blogger then you must understand that Copy Work would not work for a long run. You may get few traffic but it would not increase your rank in search engine. So, create unique and original posts . By writing original posts , you can express your thoughts to the visitors. This also gives you the opportunity to share useful information in your own style. 

3. Do not show too much advertisement on your site

This is the common mistake that newbie bloggers do. They post more ads ( popup , flyers , pop unders ,display ads etc )  as compared to content. Nobody visits your blog to see advertisement. More advertisement irritate the readers. I understand every blogger wants to make money but use ads wherever necessary in a familiar way . Do not overdo it. 

4. Time Management 

This is the most important factor in blogging. You should post frequently . You can post on daily basis, alternate days , weekly basis . But stick with it because when you do not post content that will cause decrease in blog traffic. The benefit of posting at regular intervals is that it will grow your blog content and your blog will always remain fresh. 

5. Create Blogging Network 

I am not asking you to create a separate website or group for network . You can post comments on other blogs. Do some guest posting and interact with other bloggers. Ask them for help and help them whenever they need you. 

6. Use Social Networks

Whenever you publish  new post on your blog then you should share it on your social network. By doing this, you will inform peoples that you have published new content for them. They will visit it and your traffic will grow . 

7. Be Patient and motivated

You have published some good content but you are not able to get traffic. Most of the bloggers go through this phase . This is the time where you need to be patient and motivated. Keep posting the good content and do some SEO . It takes time to get ranked in google . 

Some bloggers quit easily within few month because they do not get much traffic to their blog. You should learn more about blogging and use those tricks ( white hat tricks only ) .

Just keep posting and sharing the content and you will see increase in blog traffic . 

So, these were some of the basic steps by which you can become successful blogger and make money from your blog. I know I have left lot of points . Please comment and tell if you know any point that will be useful for beginner bloggers. if you want to know more about blogging then read other posts Have a nice time