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What would I be without you all - Rini Chandra

Rini Chandra is one of the most versatile aspiring singer in the bollywood. She has done lots of shows in India and all over the world . We had an exclusive interview with Rini Chandra and asked her about the upcoming plans .

( Rini Chandra )

# Tell about yourself so that our viewers will know more about you ?

My Name is Rini Chandra I originally belong to Uttaranchal, lived all around the world and Delhi whenever in India. Now I reside in Mumbai for my musical career in bollywood.

# Where did you spent your childhood ?

My Childhood has been spent in different countries including India such as Germany, Turkey, Nigeria and Canada due to my Dads Ministry of External Affairs Job.

# How did you get into music ?

Music has always been my passion and love.I started participating in school competitions when I was 12 and then it lead to bigger platforms such as Red fm Idol in Canada and the most prestigious stage of Zee SaReGaMaPa .

# How was your experience in SaReGaMaPa ?

SaReGaMaPa was my childhood dream which came true .Being on saregamapai learnt alot abt life and how to handle all sorts of opportunities or obstacles that come your way. Those pure and fresh moments ll never return. ..once and for a lifetime .

# How SareGaMaPa changed your life?

It changed me as a person..I grew and learnt how to overcome the hurdles and how to make a mark of my own after saregamapa is over. My performances have enhanced and I am more mature.

# What kind of songs you likes to sing?

I am a versatile singer and I love to sing all genres depending on my mood.for example Sufi, Ghazals , Old Asha ji Lata ji songs, and New Fast songs .

# Have you given your voice to any movie or planning for it?

I have given my voice for a few Serial playbacks like 'o Rabba' from the popular Star Plus serial called 'veera'..and a few punjabi movies and hopefully Bollywood soon .

# Who will be the one name with whom you want to sing a song?

It was again my childhood dream to sing a song with Sonu Nigam.

# Whom do you follow in music?

I have grown up listening to Asha ji lata ji  . I try to grasp all the gud qualities of various singers. I believe They all have something special to learn from and apply.

# How is your personal life?

My personal life by Gods Grace is beautiful.

# What things you do not like ?

I don't like hypocrites and double standards. Show what u are coz we ain't Dumb!

# What is Your fav. food ?

I love anything my mum cooks especially Rajma and chicken curry and shawarma.

# Name one thing that you always carry out with you ?
my Phone!!!

# Name Your favorite Singer friend ?

There are many ..

# What are your upcoming plans ?

I am working on my Garhwali album for my folks in Uttaranchal and producing 2 hindi singles for Youtube.

# What you advice to aspiring singers who are looking forward to participate in singing shows?

Just be confident and be your own competition.

# Any message for your fans ?

What would I be without you all...Truly deeply thanks you and love u .

#Thanks you for your valuable time ..

You are always welcome !! 
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