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I was born as no. 1 but will die as perfect 1 for everyone - Veronika Singh

Veronika Singh is an aspiring model who has struggled a lot to achieve her goals . She has done numerous projects in modelling career and now eyeing on the silver screen . She has won the title of Miss Haryana in 2008 and that was the kickstart to her dream . GAGMAG talked with veronika and asked about her life .

# Tell the viewers who are you and where you came from ?
I am veronika singh , aspiring model and actress . I belongs to a middle class family. I have spent my childhood in Kurukshetra . I am a girl with huge dreams. I have just one thought on my mind from the very beginning of my life that  I was born as no. 1 but will die as perfect 1 for everyone.
My  family includes maa , paa , sis and  daadi . Love them all .

# Who is your inspiration and how you came into modeling and acting ?
As I was born in kurukshetra and bought up half of my life there . Kurukshetra is a city/town with old mentality but new traits. Peoples are not that clever as in mumbai and delhi . Here, Peoples are workaholic so do my family also .
Modelling for me was like pakistan trying to capture kashmir .

Earlier I wanted to be an air hostess . Then as I grew up with time I realized that I want fame and money . Thoughts changed with gym . And you know why your best teacher is your last mistake And I have learned from my each and every mistake .

# What was your family's reaction when you told them that you wanna be model and actress ?
They were shocked . A cup of tea was dropped from my father's hand and he started coughing . Later, I managed to convince them.

# You won the title of miss Haryana .So how was the experience ?
It was the first moment in my life that made me cry with happiness .
I was out of my senses when my name was announced.
Though I expected to be the winner but still a bit fear of failure was always there. 

# You are working in Punjabi cinema. What are the projects that you are working upon ?
I can't disclose yet as i never know what in the desk of future .

Who are your favorite in Bollywood ?
Vidyut Jamwal And Kangna Ranaut are my favorite.

# Whats your Dream Role ?
A role that inspires all B-Town chicks to dare to step ahead for what they desire just listening to their heart instead of listening to someone else . And I like the role of Marilyn monroe and would love to do if get .

# What if u get an offer from adult movie production ?
There is a difference between adult and po*n . I will prefer adult movies on audience demand but there is a blunt "No" to po*n.

#  If u get an offer from Hollywood then what kind of movie you would like to do ?
I would like to do Romantic, Sci-fi, Spy kinda, Action specially .

# Who is the one actor whom you wanna kiss on screen ?
Vidyut Jamwal .

# Are you a brand conscious ?
of course  I am . I always see what happens in brands and do research . That research is for the betterment of people. Locals companies  just copy the product without knowing the real formulas behind its creation. Its truly said that "nakal k liye bhi akal chahiye" .

# What kind of peoples do you like ?
I like Intelligent, Good hearted, Helping ,Wicked, Sense of humour ,Clever ,Talented and Smart Peoples .

# What is your bad habit that annoys others ?
Some says its my attitude but I guess attitude is a little thing that creates a huge difference . My personality is what I am but my attitude depends on who you are . 

# What is your  favorite past time ?
Though  I am fitness conscious . So, I use to spend most of my time in the gym . 
Whenever I gets time , I invest mostly in shopping movies and hanging out with friends .

# What are your nick names ?
I have lot of nick names . Friends call me MEAOW ,catty,verni and many other names .

# Anything funny about you ?
You know I have curly hair thatswhy my friends used to call me bhaalu, bushes, hakka noodles, fluffy hair . hehe 

# What are  your upcoming plans ?                                                                                                                    
Looking  forward to Bollywood with the blessings of Ekta mam and will also do South Indian movies.

# What is your message to your fans  ? 
I will try to bring revolution in entertainment on your mind .

# Have you ever thought that you will be interviewed at GLAM mag ??
The day I was born, I always read glam on the wall opposite to me And I was very confident that I will be interviewed for it some day. ( hahahaha , lol )
# So much thanks for your valuable time 
You are welcome and thanks you

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