Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Top 10 Random Interesting Facts #1

A selection of interesting facts from different fields, which will be very interesting and informative for many of us.

# In 1988, Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to star in the sequel of the film "Commando". Scenario processed under the new main hero and called the "Die Hard". Thus began the career of Bruce Willis takeoff.

World population has almost ceased to grow. Women's fertility rate currently stands at 2.36. And for a simple reproduction of the population requires women fertility rate of 2.33.

# As a young man, George Clooney lived with lazy roommate who had a cat. Somehow he had to wash the litter box for four consecutive days. On the fifth day, Clooney is tired and he shits on the tray itself. The neighbor was afraid that the cat is suffering from constipation and dragged the animal to the vet.

# In 1600, after the eruption of the volcano in Peru killed nearly two million people in Russia .... The fact that the accumulation of ash in the atmosphere called the "Little Ice Age" that was the cause of the terrible crop failure, and then the "Great Famine", which came on during the reign of Boris Godunov.

# France - the only European country that can itself provide themselves with basic foodstuffs.

# If you see a cloud of an atomic explosion, stretch your arm toward him and bend the thumb so that it obscured the "mushroom". If the cloud is more than the finger, then you are in the radiation zone and you need to evacuate.

# In the US city of Anthem (Arizona) is a monument, which operates only once a year, on Veterans Day - November 11th. On this day, the sun's rays fall on the monument at such an angle that pass through all the rings in five concrete structures symbolizing the five genera of US troops and light mosaic in the form of "Great Seal".

# One man tried to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge "Golden Gate" (San Francisco), but survived.Later, he admitted that this "flight" is completely turned his whole view of life. "I suddenly realized that there is absolutely nothing that could not be corrected in my life. Except for one thing - this very jump, which I just decided. "

# The first visitor to Disneyland became a college student named Dave McPherson. But this time he could not ride on any ride, because in a hurry to class. But later he had a chance to catch up with a vengeance - he was given a lifetime pass to Disneyland all on the planet.

# Japan imports rice from the United States - but only in order to fulfill the requirements of the World Trade Organization. The Japanese this figure hardly eat. Most goes to North Korea as humanitarian aid, the balance is fed to pigs or rot in warehouses.
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