Friday, June 10, 2016

5 Interesting Facts About Diamonds

Here are some of the Interesting Facts about Diamonds -

# The largest diamond in the world was to find more than 100 years ago

It was found in 1905 in Pretoria, South Africa, during a routine inspection of mines by Frederick Wells.Diamond, who later was named "Cullinan", weighed 621.35 grams and 3106.75 carats in size 100h ,65h ,50 mm.The Government of the Transvaal Colony, has presented the diamond to King Edward VII on his birthday.Diamond has been divided into several parts, the largest of which was placed in the crown, which is stored in the Tower of London.

# The earliest use of diamond was as a tool rather than decoration

Are not they beautiful? You can wear them as earrings, make with the help of their marriage proposal, polish them your bloody ax ... In 90 years, archaeologists discovered many ceremonial axes in the mountains of China made more than 4500 years ago. Axes were so well polished that only diamonds can make them so shiny and it has been experimentally established. In fact even the modern polishing techniques can not achieve the same result.

 # Chocolate diamonds are not as sweet as you thought

Maybe you already have chosen one of these chocolate diamonds for yourself or a friend. But perhaps you did not hear that they are virtually worthless in the eyes of gemology. The general rule for diamonds is that the purer it is, the more valuable. In accordance with traditional standards of classification, ceteris paribus, brown diamonds are less expensive. But a little bit of creative marketing can make from um ... um ... candy. Although it can be attributed to all the diamonds in general: there is nothing so valuable as everyone say, just a little marketing, and that is all ready to lay out the money for it.

 # You too can become a diamond

All because someone does not want to let your loved one after death. The Chicago company "LifeGem" came up with a way to turn the recently deceased in something like a diamond. Yes, everything is simple, they need the ashes after the application of pressure, they turn you into a brand new former diamond. And it is not necessary to fly across the ocean, these companies exist in the UK, Spain and Switzerland.

# Diamond planet exists

Now, when we learned about the biggest diamond in the world, you can forget about it, because that in 2009, after a deeper study of exoplanets "PSR J1719-1438 b" it was discovered that it is composed mainly of crystalline carbon. It is believed that because of this structure, a large part of the planet likely consists of a solid diamond. Because there is always something better, right? However, to get there you need to overcome the distance Kolo 4 thousand light-years. So just watch this beauty from afar.
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