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Top 10 Facts that Media Will Never Inform You

Media will never inform you ? 1. Nestle company accepts that they add juice extracted from Beef in chocolate Kitkat.

2. That in a case in Chennai high court Fair & Lovely company accepted that the cream contains the oil from Pig fats !!

3.  Vicks is banned in how many countries of Europe ! There it has been declared as slow poison ! But in our country we see it's advertising on TV whole day !! 4. Lifebouy is neither bath soap nor toilet soap !  But it's a Cabolic soap used for bathing animals !
Europe uses Lifebouy for Dogs ! And in our country millions of humans use it !! 5. That Coke, Pepsi is in reality toilet cleaner ! it has been proved that it contains 21 types of different poisons ! And it's sale is banned in the canteen of indian parliament ! But it is sold in whole country !!

6. That foreign companies selling health tonics like Boost
Complan,Horlics,Maltova,Protin-ex., were tested in Delhi at All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS , which houses the big…

Top 10 Bad Habits That I Hate in 2015

We all have Good Habits and Bad Habits. These habits always affect our health and lifestyle . Each of us have probably noticed that healthy lifestyle has been gaining more popularity . Most of the Celebs and Sportpersons are following healthy lifestyle routine and nowadays it is common among ordinary peoples. May be it is just a fashion trend but I am just struggling to fit in this trend. I have listed top 10 Bad Habits of mine and most probably yours.

1. Addicted to Social Media This is not just  mine problem . Every second person in this world is addicted to Internet .

2. Lack of Sleep

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