Top 5 Reasons Why I Do Not Like Honey Singh's Songs

Honey Singh

Silent Sunny
(  All the reasons are created by my own mind and I have presented them with the facts . If anyone have issue with this then he/she can contact me. )
No doubt Honey Singh is the most successful singer in Bollywood right now. Despite of his large number of hits , none of his song is actually called as a "Song" .
He is still in the list of all the crappers since he started crapping (rapping whatever) .

Here are Some of the Reasons Why I Do Not Like Honey Singh

Copied Stuff - Every song of Honey Singh is copied in some extent. Whether we talk about kick (Low by florida feat T - pain) song or Desi Kalakaar (Payphone by Marron 5) , all the ideas were stolen from other songs.There are lot more in the list. But Honey Singh denied all the allegations. As usual , all the cases are pending in the court.

Lack of Originality - If you gets the work done by someone else then why would you do it by your own. Anyway the work is done but your touch is missing. Same with the Honey Singh songs. As we all know, Hip-Hop and Rap songs are made up of beats and free beats are widely available over the web. Artists just pick the beat and put the voice with their lyrics. Thats simple. This smart guy do the same . Why do not you make your own beats like Dr. Dre ...
I agree there is creativity but you lack originality.

Weird Language - This one is the most weird part in his songs - The loosely written lyrics .
The words he uses in his songs do not make any sense. He sings in broken sentences and do not bother about language. He uses it randomly .
Take a look at Blue eyes Song, Can anybody tell me Is this a Hindi , English or Punjabi song?
He used all the languages in single sentence. Its like Khichdi !

Blue eyes, hypnotise teri kardi a mennu,
I swear! Chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu,

I am not publishing the full lyrics here . You can check it yourself by using google. Let's move to another reason.

Alcohol - Alcohol and tobacco use is injurious to health. You can see this message on alcohol/tobacco products. Even in the commercial ads also. But you would not find any of the message like this in Honey Singh's Songs. Look at Vodka song or Alcoholic, he recommend drinking alcohol same as Milk. And stupid peoples are including this in their lifestyle.

Disrespect Girls - On one side , we are supporting woman empowerment programmes and on the other side treating girls like an object. Tell me any Honey Singh song where he respected girl or talked decent about girl ?
You have to agree movies and songs makes big impact on our life. Everyone wants to be like his role model. You can figure out  a typical Honey Singh follower .

Height of Vulgarity - He has made songs consists of  vulgarity and cheap lyrics and already faced accusations for it . But he is not stopping as he has been supported by Big Names.
This is not new thing for him as he started his career with this cheap trick . When someone can't drag people's attention with his talent , he don't mind bragging in any sense.

Message for the peoples

In India, We consider musical talent as a gift from the goddess Maa Saraswati Ji .

Contribution to Society

Bad example for the Generation

The adults understands whats right and whats wrong. But who will tell the kids who dance and chime on
Honey Singh's Songs.
They will do the same what they learn . And everyone knows..What you learn from Honey Singh.

Honey Singh is setting Bad example for the kids.

And our Prime Minister Mr. Modi is running a campaign Make in India.. And I guess by this he meant original products, not the duplicate . Doesn't it apply to music also ?
 So Honey Singh at least pay respect to our Prime Minister and so as to our Country.

Credit Eater - As I know from the sources, most of his songs are actually created by others. He just presented it with his name . You cannot forget his issues with Raftaar and Baadshah (Saturday Saturday fame ) . They wrote songs for Honey Singh .
Even the rhyme of Chaar Bottle Vodka is copied from Marathi Rhyme "yere yere pawsa". I am sure this was not Honey Singh's idea to grow a song from this.

Silent Sunny's Advice to Honey Singh - kid , These tricks might work in the west . But do not forget , We are in India and we should respect our culture . If you cannot upgrade it , then please do not ruin it . You still contribute by doing nothing.
You are supposed to be a role model,So lead wisely.


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