MOMC-1 Friend Getting Ready For A Date


Friend Getting Ready For  A Date
Its  been  said  that Love happens once in a lifetime..When it happens everything changes to green,everything looks amazing,you like to live…That’s love..

Bt in real actually this happens…just for one time in a lifetime..Do u believe it..
I asked my friend , Abhi.

(He is 5’7 musculature fair guy studying computer science in Delhi’s Top College GCT .
According to him..There are only three things important in life.. Money, Food and Girls..”)

The latest news is this that He just tied up with his third gf…
Abhi “Man,this is my real love . Finally,I got it”
I asked ”Then what abt ur past two”.
Those  was just kid’s mistake “ Abhi convincing me..
Mistakes twice !! I stared at him and asked.
Forget it…I am goin for a date.. What dress should I wear. A shirt or t-shirt..And jeans ..which color..
Lots of rapid fire questions..He is so excited.

He took all the shirts and jeans from the cup board and put them on the bed..and looked at me..”I have not organized a sale for my dress.So plz help me in sorting out the best dress for the date.
This is my first ever date with her.

OK..I closed my lappy and looked at the clothes like an expert.
“This dark blue shirt and jeans”..I pointed my finger on the clothes and said.
Dark blue.. he makes a frawning  face.. “I am going for the first date with her. I do not wanna look worse..”
“Then  I think white and black is good combination.It looks sober…”I already got irritatd bt showed concern to him.

“Na”…He said ….Last time I wore this dress no girl paid attention to me…No yaar..Any other..
I picked some combination bt abhi did not like it…He was confused..actually so called love made him losted..

“Go naked man ..She will love it”…A voice came from the door.
We saw rohan at the door.
.(Rohan is our neighbour room-mate and he is the handsome hunk who is managing  5 girlfriends at the same time.)
“Ahh guru ,Come and taught some dressing lessons for his first date “I giggled.
Ya sure..Rohan entered the room and looked at the clothes laid on the bed..
He picked dark green t-shirt and blue jeans…That’s perfect combination man..”Abhi got excited”.
He removed his trouser suddenly and wore jeans.I said “Man ! go to the bathroom .
“I am not a girl”.He chuckled and throws his trouser to me.
I caught it and folded it.

Then he removed his shirt and looked at his biceps muscles..
“Does My muscle size decreased ”…He showed me and asked.
I shake my head saying..I do not think so..
“Rohan,You  look at it and tell “He enquired.

Rohan looked at my face and said..”No,its absolutely ok with it.”
He wore the shirt bt I can see the tension on his face..
I said,You are wearing a full sleeve shirt..So dnt worry..
He smiled.

He went towards his cup-board and put cream on his face and powder on his chest.
Then he moved to my cup-board and asked “ Where is your imported perfume ?”
I said “That’s imported, and I do not want to waste on any girl?”
He tied his hands and requested “Plz give me that…I will ask my gf to arrange a girl for you also.”
I stood up and took the perfume out and Handed him saying  “ Take this and I do not need any girl. You take both..”

Abhi start dancing in joy and he sprayed the perfume all over his body.
Our room starts fragrancing…
After that he took his shoes in hands  and looked at Rohan..”Bro ! Does these shoes works? He enquired.
Rohan said “ Of course man ! You are looking so handsome.”

Abhi put the shoes and took the bike keys and hugged me tightly  and said “I will hug the girl like this”
I said..”Wait,I will kill you.”He ran outside the room screaming Bye my dears friends…
We also answered softly after his loud scream ..”Bye”.

Rohan said..I have to leave my girl friend is also waiting for me.
“Which one “ I smiled..
He said “She is from Chandigarh..So hot”.
Rohan also went out side the room..
I picked my lappy and headphone and start listening to songs..


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