Friday, September 2, 2011

Let me google that for you

You all use internet.And I can bet whenever you use internet,you visit google search engine first.
This is the first thing mostly people do.After that they  browse the sites searched by the google.

You all know the site address ( url ) ,which you want to visit.But you type in google and then go forward.
How stupid !
I am not here to tell your  stupidity.I want to tell you that its so easy to google...
If you have any stuff to search then

Let me Google that for you .

How to use ?

 This is the site that says let me Google that for you.
This site allows you to search your stuff,same like the google search engine.
It automatically makes a link that you can put in address bar.
The most interesting thing is that it shrinkens the search material address (url).

For e.g.,
*If I want to search "How to make money online" .

*Then I have to put it in the lmgtfy and click the search button.

*Then it makes a link of our search " ".

*If you think te url is very long then you can shorten it  like this " " .

Its useful site and easy also.And I still can bet that you will go to google search engine.And again do the stupid things that you  do usually.
Thats in your habit..lolzzzzzzzz


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